Our New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve I woke up thinking about the Beer Cheese Fondue we had the year before. We didn’t have any plans so I asked hubby if he’d be interested in doing that. He said sure. I also asked my parents, grandma, and mother-in-law. Low key and good food. We had to get up early the next morning so it was perfect for us. (and yes, I was in bed by like 10:30… I’m in my 30’s 😉)

I also saw this on facebook and laughed. It’s probably true…


New Year’s Day

New Year’s Day the last couple years has been spent diving. I have yet to dive on New Years but that’s besides the point! I seriously debated it this year, but in the end, I didn’t. I’m a chicken I guess or maybe I’m smart… you decide.

I’m not the best passenger in a vehicle. I sat near the middle of the bus and decided sleeping was best for me. Deb has been sick and Rachele I guess was tired? I didn’t ask :).

Pete decided he wasn’t staying home. They tried to get him off the bus, but he wasn’t having it. This was really the maiden voyage of the bus since it’s been in our possession (except the trip to the gas station…) and Pete wasn’t about to miss out on the opportunity to ride on the bus and go to the lake.

When we stopped for breakfast, he curled up in the drivers seat. He was just keeping it warm for Jared.

After the December flooding, this is what the lake looked like. Hubs said it had about 2-3 foot visibility if that.


Ringing in 2016 Fondue Style {Plus 2 recipes!!}

Right around New Years I kept seeing different funny signs going through the Facebook world about how people ring in the New Year in their teens, their 20’s, their 30’s and so on. I have to say, we had a very low key New Years but it was awesome and that’s all that matters.

Karen and Jared invited us over to their house for Fondue. We did an appetizer of Cheese Fondue, then a broth to cook chicken, beef, onions, and mushrooms, then we had potatoes. Now… New Year’s Day we were going to the New Years Day Dive and after dinner we decided we should have brought our stuff to stay the night at Karen and Jared’s house instead of driving home after midnight and coming back over at 7am. So hubby and I left the girls with them and ran to our house, grabbed a quick shower and our clothes and then went back to Karen and Jared’s house.

Now we had plans to do a chocolate fondue for dessert and dip blueberries, bananas, rice krispie treats, and brownies in. We got the brownies made but that was the extent of it. So we ate brownies for dessert.

While we were getting the appetizer cheese fondue done, we noticed this really long curly hair on hubby’s back. We gave him such grief about that. Yes, it was mine, but it was fun to tease him!