She’s 16… Holy Cow

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I’m not sure when or how this happened, but she decided to turn 16 on me. WHAT?!?! I feel old, trust me! She was 6 when she came into my life. I was 19 when she was born. She’s 16 now. HOLY CRAP! Yes, I just said that.

Last month I asked her what kind of cake she wanted. She said yellow cake with chocolate icing is her favorite. So… yellow cake with chocolate icing it is… But I had to add sprinkles. It would have been boring without the sprinkles.

The Icing

The icing is phenomenal. It’s kind of a fudgy type icing. It used cocoa powder as well as melted chocolate. What makes it better? Butter, but not any kind of butter. It has New Zealand butter. I assume that’s a lot like European butter.

If you’ve been following along this summer, you’ll know I learned the difference between American and European butter. The other day I started wondering if Canadian butter is more like US butter or more like European butter. Can anyone help a girl out please?

So European butter is 84% butter fat where as US butter is 80%. And yes, that 4% makes all the difference in the world. You’d be surprised.

The Cake

The cake was okay. It was a little more on the dry side, but it was still good. I actually baked the cake on New Year’s Eve. The timer on the oven went off 1 minute before we turned into the New Year, so this was actually last year’s cake. Sorry :). haha.

I finished cleaning up the kitchen and went and sat down waiting on the oven timer. When the timer went off I swear I was sleeping with my eyes open because it scared the living daylights out of me. I about threw my phone that was in my hand. I wish someone would have been recording because I’ll bet it was hysterical.

The Cake

Earlier in the year I ran across this cake recipe. When Tbug said she wanted this type of cake, I knew I needed to try this. Who wants to use a boxed cake mix? Don’t answer that… I know a lot of people that do/would. In fact, some days I might even fall into that boat.

The recipe said to make it look rustic on the outside, but I couldn’t. I just didn’t have it in me. So I piped rosettes on top and added sprinkles. Every birthday cake needs sprinkles. That and Birthday candles.

Okay, so not every birthday cake needs sprinkles. And truth be told, I left the birthday candles at Deb and Grady’s house on their counter so she didn’t even get those. #momfail. Ugh!

Happy Sweet 16 there Tbug! And a little secret… she’s Sweet 16 and never kissed. Ah, something we have in common!! :). She may not want the world to know that but I think it’s okay. I win. ha!

Oh… and she got her driver’s license today. Watch out pedestrians. Stay off the sidewalks! Muah!

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  1. Your butter question made me google it. I had no idea there was a difference between our butter, your butter, their butter… lol. Apparently Canadian butter is closer to American butter, between 80-82% fat. However, my research leads me to believe we can buy higher quality butters here. I had no clue. I always buy the cheapest. Butter is expensive, yo!!! 😉

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