If You’re Cold – Revolt! {on line fitness}

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Can you believe it snowed yesterday?  Really, May 3rd and it snowed…  On Monday it was 80.  On Tuesday it was 80.  On Wednesday it was 80.  On Thursday it was 40 and Thursday night into Friday it snowed.  Friday, it was cold!

Well, that is until I did my Revolt workout.  Then I was ready to go run around outside in the 38 degrees.  I was warm.  And the best thing about Revolt is you’re working your butt off, but at the same time you don’t realize you’re doing quite as much as you are and sadly I forgot what week of this I’m on but it’s way after 6 weeks.  I’ve stuck with it past 6 weeks, seriously…

Anyway now I’m headed off to do the last workout of the week… then tomorrow is a rest day, Hello rest day 🙂  Let’s go Revolt!

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