Want to Ride Along?

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One phrase I can tell you about farm life… if anyone ever wants you to “ride along” with them… what that really means is, come be the gate b****.

haha. Okay so maybe that’s a bit harsh, but basically it means that you’re the passenger, you get to get the gate so the driver doesn’t have to get out.

And I’ve mentioned before I hate getting the gates when I am the driver... that’s why I used to always leave the gate open and drive my grandpa nuts. Now I drive my uncle nuts. But let me be clear, if the cows are up by the gate/road, I get out and close the gate, every time. It’s just if they aren’t up by the road or they’re in the bottom pasture, surely I won’t be there that long so I leave it open. Then I watch from the house. I too need to point out that there is a cattle guard that is supposed to keep them in. But to be on the safe side we don’t trust it. Sadly people are sue happy these days.

A few weeks ago hubby asked me to run to my grandma’s with him. I knew what that meant… come open the gate. Oh and help me back into the rake (but not literally…. the hitch to the rake so we can hook it up!)

Then guess what I got to do… you guessed it… I got to open/close gates some more :). Wooohooooooo! lol.

After we left, hubby needed to get home and rake so I told him I’d walk into my parents house to get Abug and my car.

Then when I got home… he made on pass around the field and then went to baling. Yep, that didn’t work… but whatever. I volunteered to go out and rake since I’m the master raker and well… we lost daylight and had to quit. Another day. But guess what… I got to ride along.

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