Ride for Life {part 1}

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I swear, I’m not sure any of our weekends are the same as any others.  Sometimes I’m not even sure I can keep up with myself.  Earlier this {insert time (month, day, week, year) heck I don’t really remember but it was a while ago} we got invited to participate in the Ride for Life St. Jude fundraiser in Purdy, MO.  Hubby said let’s do it and of course I was right there with him.  Now this Ride for Life involved riding horses, so we loaded up the gang and headed to Purdy.

This really wasn’t Pete’s kind of camping.  He prefers the lake to dry land :).

Friday night we had grilled Chicken for dinner.  Deb was having a hard time getting the chicken to break apart.  I think it was a bit on the frozen side :).

Poor Pete was mad he got put in the “play pen” as we referred to it as.

Some of the chicken was cooked right over the camp fire.

The rest was cooked on the portable grill.  The seasoning came from one of the local FFA Chapters.  I’m down for finding it because I thought it was really good!

As the moon started coming up, we all decided that it’d be a long day tomorrow (Saturday) so we decided to head to bed around 10pm.

Funny Friday night stories, the trailers were run off generators.  The battery in ours wasn’t charging so when J-rod turned the generator off I had a mouth full of toothpaste and was standing in the dark in the trailer going uh…… I have toothpaste in my mouth.  Don’t worry, they started it back up also for SW to wash her hair.

Also, sadly Aloha didn’t care much for sleeping in the horse trailer so hubby got up quite a few times to go check on her since she was keeping a bunch of us awake by pawing in the trailer.  KG could have cared less.

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  1. The timing of the generator being turned off– too funny and annoying 🙂

    That is awesome you participated in that.

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