Burgers ala PC

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It’s funny at our house when the word We comes out of my mom’s mouth that means me and/or PC so Friday night, We made dinner 🙂 Our favorite type of burgers are half hamburger, half buffalo but we went to a different Walmart than normal and the guy looked at my mom like she had horns growing out of her head when she asked if they had buffalo burger…

1 lb hamburger
1/2 onion chopped
Worcestershire Sauce
Garlic Salt
Onion Salt

PC mixing up the Hamburger

The Onion smell was getting to his eyes! Oddly enough, it doesn’t usually affect me so I’m the Onion chopper queen

Packing it in

All ready to make patties

He’s making the patties 🙂

1 down, 3 to go 🙂

Ready for the grill!

I love this shot for some reason, you almost don’t see our spatula.

As a side dish, frozen mozarella sticks & jalepeno poppers filled with cream cheese out of the oven… I know we cheated 🙂

In the mean time Remember the PW cookies I wanted to make but couldn’t find Malted Milk? So I wound up making my grandma’s cookies? (if not read here)… Well I finally found Malted Milk!!

So I made cookies again!

Peace Love & Food (yes I’m hungry)

0 thoughts on “Burgers ala PC

  1. oh wow…that looks fabulous. I'm a HUGE fan of mozz sticks…and burgers…yum! Onions always make me cry 🙂 You are lucky!

  2. Carina, That's actually my mom's kitchenaid… mine is yellow :)… matches my green and yellow kitchen :). I have the best aunt she bought mine for me for a Christmas present a few years ago.

    And half buffalo is buffalo meat. It's like beef but it's made from buffalo. It's super good and more lean than beef.

  3. I'm fine with just regular hamburger, no buffalo thank you! LOL We've got moose meat sitting in our freezer that friends gave us for Christmas and I just cant bring myself to eat it. Just grosses me out!

    Onions ALWAYS make me cry, it drives me nuts. So therefore I try and avoid using onions at all costs 🙂

  4. Those look so yummy!

    Yet another thing we have in common… I love buffalo meat. Almost use it exclusively. In fact, I'm out and need to get some. Thanks for the reminder!

    P.S. Sorry I've been absent… been on vacation and had no time to read blogs (or post any myself). Now it's time to get caught up. 😉

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