My Husband is the Bomb Diggity!!!!

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So the other night I went to a Zumba class with a friend.  The cool down song was great.  I love the song… so I thought, well I’ll come home, tell my husband and he can find it for me… WRONG!  But not on his part, wrong on mine.  I couldn’t remember the name of the song, who the artist was, the tune or even any of the words.  I was so bummed!

So last night we spent hours googling it… but go figure, I wasn’t sure of words… I just thought I knew a few.  So before we went to sleep last night my husband FINALLY figured out my song.  How awesome is he!  especially with NOTHING to base it off of.  He’s fantastic.  So now I’ll share it with you, plus it’ll be here so I’ll remember.

The best part is I’ve asked him 4 times this morning, Now who sang that song?  What is the name of it.  I think he’s getting tired of me asking!


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0 thoughts on “My Husband is the Bomb Diggity!!!!

  1. oh my … husbands are THE BEST!!!!!!!

    I used to love Zumba…. can't do it now that I am expecting…. doctor says to stick with yoga…. fun… but sooo not zumba haha

  2. Funny how you hear a song, and it doesn't really stick with you. Then you see the video, or a movie with the song, and you hear it in a whole new light. I am going to download it now!


  3. Zumba kicks ass! (literally!) 😉

    What a sweet hubby you have – doing all that work to find that song for you! I love that song, and it's perfect for a cool down too.

  4. Pretty neat that he can almost read your thoughts 🙂

    They play this song on our local station so much that I've made up alternative words for the bitter divorcees like me. I won't ruin it and share them with you LOL!!!!

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