The Story Part 2

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**Part 1**

Thursday morning rolled around and at 12:34 I got up to go to the bathroom. When I was finished I kind of leaked a little and wondered if I just hadn’t finished peeing but I just blew it off as I was tired and went back to bed. (weird I know.) At 1:30ish I woke up again and had to pee really bad. Nothing new, this happens a lot so I went to get out of bed and thought something didn’t feel right. I tried to wake hubby up and he muttered at me in what can only be determined as a foreign language and he rolled over. I sweetly tried to wake him up again and again, he spoke that language again.

Finally after the 3rd time I yelled his name loudly and got his attention. He asked what was wrong about the same time he jumped out of bed and I told him I think my water just broke, get me a towel please.

He was like what? I said, I think my water just broke. He said why do you think that? I said well I feel like I’m peeing my pants but I have to pee really bad. So he turned the light on and grabbed me a towel and I went to the bathroom. He came in to check on me and we determined that yes, that was my water breaking so I went ahead and stayed in the bathroom and hubby ran around the house almost like a chicken with his head cut off.

Before we went to bed the night before we made just a small list of last minute things to grab just in case something like this happened in the middle of the night. Pour hubby was running around the house and I kept having to tell him to calm down. Just before we left the house he brought me clean clothes. I put my shoes on and we headed to my car. The dogs were extremely excited but they sure didn’t know why.

Just before we left we called the hospital (as the doctor told us to), my parents, my aunt and my father in law. Hubby even brought the house phone into the car with us :). On the way to town we called my mother in law. Hubby teased me on our way because the day before I knew I needed gas but I decided that I would have gotten gas on the way to school (that day). On our way to town the low fuel light went on. Hubby was like, of course, the one time you need gas, your low fuel light goes on. I was like, there’s still 50 miles left and we’re about 8 miles from the hospital so we had a good laugh on the way to the hospital.

The way the hospital is set up, you go in through the Emergency Room and they check you in. Then you are immediately wheeled back to the OB area. Being a small town, our hospital only has 4 delivery rooms then 3 triage delivery rooms. The day before had been a busy day at the hospital in the delivery department so they put us in the 1st Triage room.

 In fact, they had a induction coming in at 5am that was supposed to be in there so they pushed them back since we took the better of the Triage rooms.

Around 3:30am the nurse called her boss to see what they were going to do. Her boss, Sandy came in around 5 and checked my stats and explained that they were going to put me on one of the exercise balls as gravity is my friend. I’d spend about 30 minutes to an hour on the gravity ball and then I could take a 30 minute nap or vise versa. We decided nap first. She also said that Dr would be around to check on me in the 7am hour.

We were told to try for a 30 minute nap. I never got a nap I just sat there and watched CMT but hubby was able to conk out for about 15 minutes before they brought the medicine ball in.

Then I was told to sit on the ball. The contractions were getting a little more known but still nothing too terrible. The only thing is Sandy kept telling me not to hold my breath. I had to breathe through them to make sure that baby was getting enough air with the contracting muscles.

On the ball I was to bounce up and down, wiggle from side to side and float forward/backward. I was supposed to change what I was doing ever 5-6 contractions. It was to help the brain through the contractions and loosen muscles because my brain wasn’t focused on the contraction but what I was doing. My mom was allowed back at this time so she and hubby talked to me to keep my mind off things as well. Mom said they were all getting tickled in the waiting room at all the random text messages I had been sending her since about 3something that morning. Obviously I was bored… lol.

The doctor came in around 7, I had been on the ball about an hour to an hour and a half. They made fun of me because I was sitting Indian style (you know cross legged, that’s how we learned it in school) on the ball and not falling. About this time my parents left to go home and feed critters and then stop and get hubby some breakfast.

They decided to take me off of the medicine ball. Just before 8am they said that the “gravity” theory was working and they wanted me to walk the halls for an hour. By the time I got through with that they’d have a room to put me in. So hubby and I took off to walk the halls. Memaw (my Mother-in-law) went walking with us.

There are hand rails that line the walls and Sandy said that if I needed to stop for a contraction, don’t worry. She said they’re used to seeing women walking the halls all the time. I was told to avoid one hall because that’s where the sick patients were kept and they tried to keep us out of that wing :). Toward the end of that hour walk, the contractions started getting a little harder but they were very random too.

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