Cowboy Butts

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So I went to the Fortune Teller to see what my future held in store.

She said I’d meet a cowboy that’d make me fall to the floor.

I looked at her oddly and she showed me the cards

Then we moved over a couple yards.

She showed me her crystal ball and this is what I saw

A cowboy butt that stood real tall.

It sure looked familiar like I’d seen it before.

But maybe truly I’d seen it behind.

Guess I’ll have to ponder that for a while 🙂

**Happy Friday.  Tomorrow is my birthday and my hubby has written a special post, I’m just not sure what it says.  I promised him I wouldn’t read it until it posted 🙂**

8 thoughts on “Cowboy Butts

  1. ha ha ha !!! I cant wait to see what your hubby writes tomorrow!! Im wishing you a very very happy early birthday love! xo

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