The Story Part 1

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 Wednesday morning I woke up and I just didn’t feel right. I had a doctors appointment at 2:30pm so I decided that no matter what I’d go to class and then hubby would meet up with me for the drs appointment and she’d tell us more about what was going on, how far along we were and if we were still looking at a scheduled C-section like they originally said the week before.

I got to town to meet hubby for lunch and I got a phone call from the doctors office. Dr had been called back to the hospital so they were having to reschedule everyone’s afternoon appointments. Well I had rearranged my schedule for Thursday to take my final a day early so that I could possibly have the c-section Friday. When the drs office called the talked like they wanted to schedule for next week. Then asked what my due date was. Now the drs office figured my due date at Saturday and hubby and I had Thursday but I told them what was on my chart. So they wanted to have me come in on Thursday afternoon at the same time I was to take my final. I told them that wouldn’t work so the scheduled me for Friday at 10am.

With that change in schedule my blood pressure went through the roof. I went home and while I was there took it. It was 149/100. I was told anything over 140/90 I was to notify the drs office. I calmed down and sat on the floor for 10 minutes and it dropped down to 135/90 and just kept going down from there so we went on about our business.

I kept saying Wednesday afternoon I didn’t feel the greatest and it was different than what I had experienced before. Everyone talked about how when I got finished with my final on Thursday afternoon they were going to take me down bumpy roads to help move her down so that maybe she’d come on her own.

After we went and helped the guys at 5-Mile camp we went and ate Ice Cream and then headed home. I took a shower and scheduled this blog post and we all got to sleep after 11pm.

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