Wardrobe Malfunction

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One morning last week, hubby went to leave the house and we both looked at his feet.  Something didn’t seem right.  Ah yes, you don’t wear house shoes to work…

I laughed and giggled and made fun of him.

I should have known better though…

Tuesday night when I got home from work, I changed my clothes and put on my house shoes waiting for time for us to leave and meet my parents.

When we went to walk out the door, I grabbed my purse and coat and stepped out of the house.  Just as hubby locked the door I died laughing… why you may ask?  I tried to pull a hubby…

0 thoughts on “Wardrobe Malfunction

  1. haha! Too funny 🙂 My co-worker Claire does that sometimes, it'll be mid-morning and she'll look down and realize she's still wearing her crocs from home! lol!

  2. been there, I call my pink crocs my “clown shoes” imagine all dressed for work in nice black slacks and a blouse, and yup got there and saw I had on my clown shoes!

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