Orange Salad

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This weekend was filled with a lot of well… a lot of stuff!  We worked, we ate, we worked some more, we walked, you name it… we might have done it 🙂

This was also intended for my Tuesday post, but I guess today’s post will come tomorrow and this will come today… how about that for switching it up 🙂

We had our {step}daughter over the weekend.  I swear we never do the same thing twice when she’s around… LOL.

It was flippin cold this weekend too! :(.  Saturday I guess my sister-in-law and mother-in-law decided to have another garage sale.  We made a whole whoppin’ $5.35.  It was so cold no one wanted to go out!!  Me included :).

We got our lawn mowed.  That was an accomplishment :).  We also got some of our wood split up and out of the yard.  That was exciting too.  I spent yesterday morning folding clothes, which have I ever mentioned I hate folding laundry?  Oh I have… well I still do!

And we planted some new trees on Saturday.  While the hubby and daughter were planting trees (I was moving the lawnmower & handing out trees) I was teaching Oakley to sit and to shake.  Now I just have to keep on her so she’ll do it on command every time.  By Sunday afternoon she was getting shake down about 90% of the time.  Not bad for 2 days work!  I also have her and Audrey trained that when I say go to bed they run into their crate and wait for a treat.  Oakley at times is better than Audrey and at times Audrey is better than Oakley at that command.

Anyway this is kind of spacey… Sorry!  So I’ll leave you with another great recipe appetizer, side or dessert.  Enjoy!

{Orange Salad}
Oh My Gosh it was yummy!  I almost forgot to take a photo 🙂

1 Large tub of Coolwhip (I think it’s 12oz or 16oz, whatever the large one is you find.) (we did sugar free)
1 Large tub of Cottage Cheese (24 oz) (Use your best judgement on the amount)
1 Large can of Mandarin Oranges (15 oz)
Sugar Free Orange Jello – Powder

Mix all the ingredients together and chill!  YUM!

And if you are a little hesitant on the cottage cheese in there, don’t worry, so was I, but it just adds texture!!

And if you missed the easy appetizer, side, or dessert idea from Saturday night, go here!

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  1. Too bad we don't live closer. I could fold your clothes and you could make the orange delight for me. (I rather enjoy folding clothes. It's a sickness of mine.)

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