Dessert Salad

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I was sitting here at the house today… weekends are the worst… I sometimes just want to eat eat eat.  But I can’t or I’d be like 300lbs or more.  But here is a lowfat recipe I have in my recipe stash… It’s yummy and easy!  You can really use it as an appetizer, side dish or even a dessert.  Either route you choose, it’s yummy!

1 tub (9oz) cool whip
1 cans pie filling
2 containers yogurt same flavor or complimentary flavor to pie filling.

Mix all together and chill.

Enjoy.  Hope everyone is having a fabulous Saturday!  I’m sitting here watching my {step}daughter “Just Dance.”  It’s a fun game for the Wii… if you’ve never tried it and ever get the chance, I suggest trying it.  Just Dance 2 is fun too!

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  1. Does sound easy.

    We have Just Dance 2. We got Katy Perry's free Firework track. Every time I hear it on the radio I think of the different dance moves and The Offspring laughs at me trying to keep up! 🙂

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