Our Newest Addition

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Ah, so here’s yesterday’s post which got swapped around with today’s post… 🙂

So one day last week my dad called us on our way home (hubs and I work together so we can sometimes ride to work together) and asked us if we knew where some town was here in Missouri.  Now I thought this was funny because usually it’s the other way around, me asking dad :).  So hubs looked it up on his phone map and we found out it was about an hour from us… but why?

Well because he found a horse on Craig’s List that had very good Cutting horse breed lines for a REALLY good price and he just wondered how far away these people might be.  We asked him a few more details about the horse and asked if he had called on her.  He said no because he was afraid that the deal may be too good to pass up and he’d have to go buy her.

A few years ago my dad got a mare given to him by some friends.  She’s an older gal and she’s past her peek to actually foal any more offspring, but she has a home until the day she passes on to greener grasses.  But my dad would LOVE another foal out of his stud.  I told him to breed my Palomino Mare to his stud but he hasn’t yet (not sure why).  He’s also tried to breed one of his show mares to him (the one tbug rides all the time) so far with no luck.

Well this mare he found on Craig’s List has a great pedigree as well as being in foal to a colt out of another stud with great pedigree.

So PC called on this mare to find out the story.  Dad was a little leery because of the GREAT price for the bloodlines.  Turns out the lady Loves her horse and this mare is “Queen of the Pasture” and she didn’t want her mare hurt so one of them had to go.  They actually sold this mare last fall but the people didn’t pay so they had to go repo her so we got her for what was still owed on her plus their fuel to go pick her up from the other people.  You have no idea how great of a deal we got.  We went partners with my dad on this mare too.

And then in the end the people drove up here and brought her to us.  My dad asked my hubby how he sweet talked the people into doing this and we were like, they offered, we just took them up on the deal, they were already headed this way with their trailer in tow so heck why not.  We had to drive about 5 miles to go meet them… Score 🙂

Munchkin was mad to see the trailer leaving without him.  He loves to go for rides.

Sis was sure interested to know what was going on once we got back.

But definitely not as much as Munchkin.  He was prancing up and down the fence to see what was coming out of the trailer.

This mare trailed so easily!

But she wasn’t sure she liked backing out of the trailer

And here she is.

Super sweet, super gentle mare.

She’s 10 years old.  The people we bought her from bought her because of her bloodlines.

They weren’t sure if she was broke to ride.  They only actually bought her for the bloodlines and for the colt in her belly which they gave up when they sold her.

This is what Muddy thought, he was getting ignored.

Ah, a little more attention, that’s better.

While we were picking the mare up I told Tbug not to run around and act squirrely and so she was a little nervous but she warmed up to the mare very fast.  I just did that because it was a new mare and who knows how she’d act.  She has a very calm manner though!

I think she’ll like her new home… well until she moves out to our place if we ever get fence built.

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  1. Umm, they sell livestock on craigslist???? Seriously, I learn something from 99% of your entries – so cool!

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