All Dogs go to Heaven

Dogs are about the most loyal companion you will find. Sadly, my Mother-in-law last her’s last night. So technically Santa brought Cowgirl to Tbug when she was 3 or 4 (Tbug was 3 or 4 not Cowgirl), but this dog was my MIL’s dog. She lived with my MIL. My MIL spoiled her rotten. And even though my MIL always claimed that was Tbug’s dog… we all secretly knew that that was Memaw’s dog.

Memaw was torn up. She told hubby that was her best friend. She couldn’t bury her so hubby and I went over to bury Cowgirl for her. Hubby nor Memaw could call and tell Tbug so I volunteered. Some days it is rough being the adult. I’m not really sure if it even affected Tbug. I couldn’t tell via the phone. I offered to come pick her up so she could help us, but her mom said that she had bball practice and couldn’t come.

Then the next task is explaining to a toddler what happened. Have I mentioned it’s rough being an adult, especially the parent. Dogs though, they’re the best and remember All Dogs Go To Heaven because they’re so great.

Bye Week

I googled it. It says it is correct: Bye Week but could be by week or it could be bi week. So you call it what you want but know I’m talking about the off week that the Chiefs didn’t have to play because they were sitting second seed!

What what? or Woot woot if you prefer 😁.

So unfortunately Grady wound up back in the hospital due to his surgery before Christmas. Jared and hubby conjured up a scheme that we were going to go sit in his hospital room with him and watch the Dolphins Steelers game and the New York Green Bay game on Sunday, but he was able to “break out” on Saturday night so we changed our plans and decided to make lunch and go to their house to watch the games. One was at noon and the other at 3:30. The game plan was to make a day of it 😀.

The game plan for the meal (yes, I keep saying game plan, going with the scheme of the day….) was chicken wings because why not? Hubby made some of his “famous” salsa and the wings and carrots/celery and as a last minute thought, No Bake Cookies!


Go to the feed store….

This is Devil Dawg, not Mudflap….

As we were pulling out of the driveway this morning I looked down at my phone and it said I had 26 minutes to my parents house and that traffic was clear. I laughed and joked that we go to my parents house a lot on Sunday’s I guess.

If you don’t have an iPhone, it has some feature about it that picks up on patterns that you normally do and tells you how traffic is for that particular commute. Oh… and we weren’t headed to my parents house this morning.

Hubby said that the other day he was talking to my dad. My dad mentioned that he looked down at his phone the other day and it told him what traffic was like to the feed store. Dad started laughing and asked if hubby and I were playing tricks on him. But no, every Saturday is feed store day.

Mudflap used to tell dad it was Saturday and time for the feed store. Mudflap recently passed away though… so now it is dad’s phone that tells him it is time to go to the feed store. I can sure tell you the horses will be happy to have dad receiving reminders ;).

Oooooo I wonder if we travel on a trip if it’ll say he has to go like 136 miles (or some random number) to get to the feed store.

This weekend… where to start?!?!

Oh goodness…. So much has happened this weekend I’m not even sure where to start. I could start with Friday night which I actually am not sure I remember… oh wait, it’s coming back to me. We went to see TB play baseball. Or I could start with Saturday and one of the best baby showers I’ve been to! or how about the maternity photos we worked on or the outtakes which are hilarious… Or the fact that we ate dinner with my parents Saturday night and I was soooooo tired I almost fell asleep while eating.

I say though, let’s look at Sunday, first :). Sunday Tbug, hubby and I woke up late (which was nice) went to the store and eventually lunch. Lunch is important! Then we came home and were told to meet my dad because it was time to go pick up our new puppy.

Say what? a new puppy? Yup, We got a new puppy. He’s a baby too. He’ll be 6 weeks on Wednesday! Puppy! to the max.

Meet Hank

Oh wait, you mean you can’t tell which one is Hank from this picture? No, probably not… lol. So Hank is a full blood brother (but younger litter of puppies) to Devil Dawggie and he’s a son of Mudflap!!

So let me try to help you distinguish which one is Hank.  The pink arrow is pointing at him. Does that help any? Maybe, maybe not. I’ll tell you, this is how we picked him out. Off this picture! The night that we got to choose him, my parents went to pick him out because hubby and I were with Tbug working on her scuba diving certification.


Snoring Cats, App Notifications & Happy Dogs

Here I am, Thursday morning sitting at my house.  It’s quite different than most Thursday mornings because we’re on fall break.  I’m not stressing about this has to be done today or that has to be done tomorrow, I’m just sitting here enjoying nothing.  Sadly, I’ve been awake since hubby’s alarm went off.  Not because his alarm went off because I can usually get back to sleep (we run a bit of a different morning schedule so I take advantage of sleeping in) but like clock work the cat comes and starts meowing.  In fact, on Saturday and Sunday’s she comes in meowing when his alarm should go off and then again when my alarm should go off.  Do you think she sets her own alarm?  Or maybe she can read a clock?

So I woke up and watched “The Lucky One” with Zac Efron and Taylor Schilling.  Then watched (or more listened to…) The Middle.  Now the cat and I are watching The Princess Diaries.

So I misplaced my phone somewhere here on the bed a bit ago and I heard the cat snoring or something.  It was the cutest thing but by the time I found my phone she quit.  I’m not sure if she felt me moving or what.  Darn!  I really wanted to video it but didn’t happen.  Maybe next time.

So once I found the phone it was sitting next to me and I got a pop up notice.  Hubby recently downloaded an app called Memoir