Interesting Story

I swear, sometimes only interesting stories happen to me, my family, at our house, etc. I hope we aren’t the only people who this happens to, but sometimes you can’t help but just laugh.

So let me paint the picture…

So four weeks ago Princess Rio was acting a little bit funny. We kind of thought maybe she was coming in heat but we weren’t really sure. Hubby and I got up that morning and headed to the dive shop because there was a photography class going on. When we left all three dogs were at our house. When we got home around 6 pm we couldn’t find Princess Rio.

Every once in awhile they dogs will go bed down at night, especially when it is cold which it was that weekend and we can’t get them to budge so we didn’t think too much about it. As I said, they go bed down in the hay in the barn and can’t hear us hollering for them.

So the next morning we woke up and still couldn’t find Rio. I knew my dad had been out to the house the day before so I called my mom and asked what time dad was there. She checked with him and told me 10 am. So somewhere between 10 am and 6 pm Rio disappeared.

The sad truth is, this isn’t the first dog that has been taken from our house. We had Bear and Josie taken from us. Now it looked like Rio had been taken. Every night we hollered for her for a week. We drove around the area looking for her. We did what we could but never came up with her. (more…)

The Baby, the Big Girl & the Old Man

This weekend was spent hauling hay to my parents house. Through all the mishaps, we did get dad’s cows covered for hay since winter still isn’t officially over. When we got to my parents house Devil Dawg was picking on Tulsa. I kept saying, come on pick on someone your own size… lol.

When dad came up to the trailer with the tractor, it caught the girls off guard and they quit fighting for a minute.

After their fight, Tulsa must have needed a rest.

and so did Devil Dawg.

When Tbug got out of the car they all attacked her. You’d think our dogs were deprived of lovins.

It’s really though that there are 3 dogs and we’re only built with 2 hands. I bet Tbug wished she was an octopus.

As we started unloading the trailer, Mudflap decided he could jump up there and get hubby all to himself.

When hubby didn’t acknowledge him, Mudflap took things into his own hands…. er paw.

Devil Dawg even got her own lovins without fighting the others.

Eventually Tbug decided that Devil Dawg could pet Tulsa and Mudflap so she didn’t have to feel bad she couldn’t pet all three at once. lol.

And that was just part of our hauling hay experience. Join us next time for rebuilding the dang equipment…..

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New Puppy, Say What?!?!

About 6 months to a year ago, my dad was driving around with Mudflap in the bed of his truck.  Mudflap LOVES to go for rides.  In fact, if he thinks that dad is going for a drive and he should be going, he’ll stake out dads truck.  If dad makes it out without him and then comes back, Mudflap gets in the bed and WILL. NOT. GET. OUT.

So anyway dad and Mudflap were driving around when a couple stopped my dad to ask if my dad had a Blue Merle Aussie in the bed of his truck.  Dad said yes.  They said that they had an Aussie and worked out an arrangement with my dad that when she came in heat that they could bring her by and Muddy would breed her.

Dad got first pick of the litter and this weekend, she finally came home to my parents house.  Is she not precious?

As of right now, silly girl doesn’t have a name, but we’re working on it.

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Guard Dog

Back in May of 2012, I shared a story with you about how the dogs apparently take joy in running across the roof.  I don’t know if they’re using it as their own jungle gym or what… but they absolutely love running across the roof.  It quit for a while and has started back up here in the last month or so, except this time around we generally don’t catch them in the act.

So last Wednesday night hubby and I were sitting here in the house just chilling and we heard the dogs up on the roof.  Every time we run out to yell at them, we can’t seem to catch them so we just sat here.

A little while later, hubby had to get up and while he was up went and looked out the front door.  He told me to quietly get up and grab my camera.  I looked out the door and I found our “Watch Dog.”

After I snagged my pictures (2 through the glass door and one once I stepped outside, obviously she saw me) we had to yell at her to get off the roof.

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Snoring Cats, App Notifications & Happy Dogs

Here I am, Thursday morning sitting at my house.  It’s quite different than most Thursday mornings because we’re on fall break.  I’m not stressing about this has to be done today or that has to be done tomorrow, I’m just sitting here enjoying nothing.  Sadly, I’ve been awake since hubby’s alarm went off.  Not because his alarm went off because I can usually get back to sleep (we run a bit of a different morning schedule so I take advantage of sleeping in) but like clock work the cat comes and starts meowing.  In fact, on Saturday and Sunday’s she comes in meowing when his alarm should go off and then again when my alarm should go off.  Do you think she sets her own alarm?  Or maybe she can read a clock?

So I woke up and watched “The Lucky One” with Zac Efron and Taylor Schilling.  Then watched (or more listened to…) The Middle.  Now the cat and I are watching The Princess Diaries.

So I misplaced my phone somewhere here on the bed a bit ago and I heard the cat snoring or something.  It was the cutest thing but by the time I found my phone she quit.  I’m not sure if she felt me moving or what.  Darn!  I really wanted to video it but didn’t happen.  Maybe next time.

So once I found the phone it was sitting next to me and I got a pop up notice.  Hubby recently downloaded an app called Memoir


Ride for Life {part 1}

I swear, I’m not sure any of our weekends are the same as any others.  Sometimes I’m not even sure I can keep up with myself.  Earlier this {insert time (month, day, week, year) heck I don’t really remember but it was a while ago} we got invited to participate in the Ride for Life St. Jude fundraiser in Purdy, MO.  Hubby said let’s do it and of course I was right there with him.  Now this Ride for Life involved riding horses, so we loaded up the gang and headed to Purdy.

This really wasn’t Pete’s kind of camping.  He prefers the lake to dry land :).

Friday night we had grilled Chicken for dinner.  Deb was having a hard time getting the chicken to break apart.  I think it was a bit on the frozen side :).

Poor Pete was mad he got put in the “play pen” as we referred to it as.

Some of the chicken was cooked right over the camp fire.

The rest was cooked on the portable grill.  The seasoning came from one of the local FFA Chapters.  I’m down for finding it because I thought it was really good!

As the moon started coming up, we all decided that it’d be a long day tomorrow (Saturday) so we decided to head to bed around 10pm.

Funny Friday night stories, the trailers were run off generators.  The battery in ours wasn’t charging so when J-rod turned the generator off I had a mouth full of toothpaste and was standing in the dark in the trailer going uh…… I have toothpaste in my mouth.  Don’t worry, they started it back up also for SW to wash her hair.

Also, sadly Aloha didn’t care much for sleeping in the horse trailer so hubby got up quite a few times to go check on her since she was keeping a bunch of us awake by pawing in the trailer.  KG could have cared less.

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Let the Record Show….

Last Tuesday night hubby and I met at my parents house after work.  Snookums is old enough now that we need to be getting on her and getting the basics done on her.

So far, let me tell you, this beautiful gal is the most laid back, relaxed, easy going horse, but let’s find some wood to knock on so I don’t jinx things up.  Anyway, back to the day at hand….

I got to my parents house before everyone else did so I went ahead and fed all the kiddo’s… aka critters.  They know when it’s feeding time and you better be on feeding them.

Here’s the Colonel.  Isn’t he getting big and pretty?

Once hubby got there, he gave me lots of grief about not having Snookums all saddled up and ridden down.  Um…. Hello, I don’t have a key to the trailer… just saying!

Mudflap was on my side 🙂

And Miss Tulsa, yeah she didn’t care… lol 🙂

But we got off track again a bit.  Now Snookums is a 2 year old.  By horse years, they go by January 1st for their age, but she really turned 2 in July.  Since she was a later baby we held off a bit (too long actually) however if they are born early in the year, you can actually start the ground work on them late, late into their yearling year.

One of the things that we did after we got her saddled was took her into the round pen and made her move around both at a walk and a trot with the added weight of the saddle.  Then we went from side to side placing weight into the stirrups with our hand.  Then we’d make sure someone was on both sides because a horse has monocular vision which means one eye sees one thing and the other sees something different.  (human’s have binocular in case you wondered)

Finally we put a foot into the stirrup and started just jumping around.  Adding weight and then back down to the ground.  I’m sooooo used to getting on a horse from the left (the correct side) that jumping on the right was baffling me just a bit… lol.

Then it was time for someone to lay across her.  Once we got up on her we had to kick our foot out of the stirrup so in case she went banana’s we could easily dismount and not get hung up quite as bad.  When I came off of her like this I did catch my sleeve on the saddle horn and about ripped it, but that’s shear clumsiness on my part.

Anyway, let the record show that I was the first one on her!  Even if it wasn’t quite in riding style 🙂

Oh but wait, I actually rode her.  I got on, had a good enough grip that if she went to bucking I could hold on and then hubby led her around so she could get used to having the weight on her back.

My dad and even my husband, heck even me if we’re being honest here, didn’t think I’d actually do this but I did it.  She’s my baby.  I had to be the first on her!

And for the record, the next night I caused her to buck 🙂  Woops.

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Our trip to the vet

Poor little Rio hasn’t been feeling well. I called the vet and they got her in Wednesday. Tbug and I loaded her up and took her to see Dr. Kasie

Getting her loaded was a real treat… Marlie loaded up when normally she won’t and somewhere between loading Rio and unloading Marlie my leg took a hit.
Rio has never been to the vet but she never once threw a fit, even when we placed her on the table or when Dr. Kasie took her temp or when Dr. Kasie took skin samples.  I swear this is the sweetest dog ever.
She finally got tired of standing and laid down on the table. I picked her up and carried her to the scales. She weighs a whoppin 55.5lbs.

It was determined she has Mange. Dr. Kasie said that there are 2 types: hard to treat but non contagious or easy to treat but contagious. We have the easy contagious type so were treating all of the pooches.
When we went back into the exam room a kitty came in to greet us. Rio has never seen a cat that I know of. Kitty started rubbing up against Rio and  she got a deer in the headlights look, like what is this? Should I protect you?!?!

Then the kitty jumped on my lap so Rio decided it must be okay and laid down.

And that is our trip to the Vet. Rio is acting much better. Lets hope it keeps progressing that direction!!

Take Two – Fashion Blogger…

We’ve learned that I am not a fashion blogger.  But even for not being a fashion blogger, sometimes it’s fun to take pictures and believe I am one.  I ran out of the house with my cell phone and handed it to my husband, here take my picture please?

I’m thinking that models and fashion bloggers don’t go around sporting the nice “Farmer’s Tan”, but that’s just the way I role.  I worked hard for that tan.  In fact, later that afternoon I worked on a second set of tan lines with this shirt.  Later that day we were headed to the hayfield to pick up 135ish bales of Alfalfa hay.  Boy it was a hot day.  I think I sweat more this last weekend than I have in the last month combined.  It’s been extremely humid.  And a lot of people say, don’t you live in Southwest Missouri?  What do you know about humidity?  Let me tell ya something, we get our fair share by far.  It’s absolutely crazy!

Today there is a 50% chance of rain.  I’m wondering what it will do… Tuesday night there was like a 30% chance.  I guess it poured up on the square at the North end of town but at the ball fields at the south end of town it spit sprinkles here and there.  Once all ball games were over it picked up a bit but never poured like the North end of town received.  And I promise, our town isn’t all that large.

And every post needs a Photobomber, right?  Marlie just wanted her few minutes of fame.

if anyone is interested in knowing what I’m wearing…

//American Eagle jeans//Justin Boots Flip Flops {similar}//Old Navy Tank top//Montana West Belt//Belt Buckle I won showing horses//Wedding band – From hubs!//
So there we have it.  My attempt at being a fashion blogger again.  Not great, but whatever.  Practice makes perfect right?  We’ll stick with that and hope that it at least gets better someday, right??  
Typically I’m not crazy about Thursday’s, I know they are the day before Friday but they are usually the longest day of the week in my opinion.  But today, I have fun things planned so maybe it won’t be so bad?  Next week this time Tbug will have been with us for a whole day.  She’s spending extra days with us this week.  Happy Thursday!

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