This weekend… where to start?!?!

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Oh goodness…. So much has happened this weekend I’m not even sure where to start. I could start with Friday night which I actually am not sure I remember… oh wait, it’s coming back to me. We went to see TB play baseball. Or I could start with Saturday and one of the best baby showers I’ve been to! or how about the maternity photos we worked on or the outtakes which are hilarious… Or the fact that we ate dinner with my parents Saturday night and I was soooooo tired I almost fell asleep while eating.

I say though, let’s look at Sunday, first :). Sunday Tbug, hubby and I woke up late (which was nice) went to the store and eventually lunch. Lunch is important! Then we came home and were told to meet my dad because it was time to go pick up our new puppy.

Say what? a new puppy? Yup, We got a new puppy. He’s a baby too. He’ll be 6 weeks on Wednesday! Puppy! to the max.

Meet Hank

Oh wait, you mean you can’t tell which one is Hank from this picture? No, probably not… lol. So Hank is a full blood brother (but younger litter of puppies) to Devil Dawggie and he’s a son of Mudflap!!

So let me try to help you distinguish which one is Hank.  The pink arrow is pointing at him. Does that help any? Maybe, maybe not. I’ll tell you, this is how we picked him out. Off this picture! The night that we got to choose him, my parents went to pick him out because hubby and I were with Tbug working on her scuba diving certification.

Well you know, they say third time is a charm. Try this… Meet Hank.

Hank the Cow Dog.

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