New Year’s Day Dive – Dive on in!

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Things you’ll learn if you go dive with us on New Year’s Day

  1. The weather doesn’t always cooperate… some days it’s warm and sometimes it’s cold.
  2. We actually have people that will dive (10 this year).
  3. Pete likes to go. He’s Diver Dog Pete afterall
  4. He may or may not share a seat with anyone.
  5. He might also fart, a lot… and they stink!
  6. If Dan picks on you, it just means he likes you. And Poor Kim finds a lot of things randomly in her purse.
  7. You know you’re with divers if dive weights are used for more than buoyancy compensation.
  8. Pete likes to be the beach bitch. (aka sits on the shore and watches over things)
  9. Kim and I always take pictures with our tongues stuck out. It’s just what we do.
  10. You can’t dress yourself once you start scuba diving… you have to enlist friends.

Happy New Year!!

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