The Peanut's Baby Shower

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Saturday afternoon Earl and Deb threw a baby shower for the little Peanut at our house. When we were trying to decide where to hold the shower, we finally decided, why not our house, then we don’t have as far to go with the presents… lol :). And that makes me sound very materialistic and I’m not.

Deb, Earl and AL showed up around 12:30 or so and we started moving the food and everything in the house. AL made the cupcakes. Earl and Deb worked on the rest of the food.

Deb and hubby posing for the camera. I kept going in and outside and I run my dSLR in manual mode so they were like hurry up and I forgot that I had just come from inside the house so I blew out one photo. Woops! I got a great one though!! The girls helped decorate. Then Liss and Earl carried our glasses outside for people to use.

The theme was a cowgirl baby shower.

The drink station. We had Sweet Tea, unsweet tea, water and juice.

Earl had Tbug make a special shirt for the day. This was a surprise to hubby and me. I loved it!! btw, isn’t she cute??

I just about broke down and cried a couple times throughout the day… I just felt the love for this little girl who hasn’t even made her presence into the world yet.

Typically I’m the “paparazzi” so as in normal fashion I was walking around taking photos… they teased me and said someone should be following me around. I just wanted to make sure I had the photos.

Lunch was pork sliders (on Hawaiian rolls), Coleslaw and baked beans.

Hubby finally took the camera away from me and said, we want proof you were here too… lol 🙂

Once it came time to open gifts, we gave Earl the camera and she became the paparazzi.

So the story on these particular onesies. About a month ago, Liss sent me a picture of one similar to the bottom one that said Sorry Ladies, My daddy’s taken. Well when I found it on line it was $25 which seemed a bit pricy to me so my mom and I thought I could make my own. I dropped Tbug off with Earl Friday evening so she could work on the shirt with Earl and I made the comment I was doing that. Deb has a screen printing machine so Earl said, it’ll be faster than you using an iron so we did it. Well there were 5 onesies in the package so she obviously had to have an Extreme Sports Scuba one. We thought it would be cute for the dive flag on the butt. Then the creative juices ran wild :). We made these just for Hubby for Peanut.

We learned I can’t read apparently… lol. I kept reading things incorrectly or missing words while opening presents. It was hilarious. Like head to baby wash instead of head to toe baby wash.

We had a little over 35 people present on Saturday. Like I said, I felt the love for this baby who hasn’t even made it here yet. Even thinking back I’m ready to tear up :).

Michelle & Cassie. Cassie is due in November!!

TB and Tbug… ornery kids! :). Like father like daughter. Deb and Moo

Dill Pickle, TB, CL & Mini Me (or Lee’s mini me really!). Just a few of the kiddos who were there Saturday!

And I can’t explain this picture… Maybe classic Lee?

The bear quilt from my Aunt Dorothy, Quilt from Cynthia, a burp cloth AC got us and the quilt from my grandma. One quilt missing was from Auntie Ellen.

Tbug was helping daddy with his “hat”

Aunt Liss got Tbug a shirt too.

The top photo are the 3 expectant mommas at the party. April is due in August, of course I’m due in June and Cassie is due in November. The bottom photo shows friends since high school.

I can’t say thank you enough to Deb and Earl for throwing this fabulous shower for the little Peanut. I can’t say thank you enough to all who showed up. This momma’s heart is so full of joy and love that if I’m not careful I’ll break down and cry again :). I swear, I think I can do without these hormonal emotions! But I am soooooooooo happy for this baby girl who hasn’t even come into the world yet. She’s one loved little girl already!

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