Sunday Fun

Yesterday morning Prince Charming, Tbug & I got up and got ready for Church. Prince Charming and I have almost made it a weekly habit of having tator tots with sausage and cheese for breakfast, You talk about good!! Then as we were about ready to walk out the door to go to Church, the horses were out. He changed clothes real fast and I hadn’t put church clothes on yet so we ran outside in the cold to put the horses away. I went walking out in hot pink shorts, black socks almost to my knees, my boots, t-shirt and my coat and Tbug goes, I have to find my coat, we’re leaving for church right. I walked back in and had to laugh. I told her I wasn’t about to go to church looking like that.

Prince Charming’s mom kept her in the house so she wouldn’t get dirty. Then we ran back in the house, both changed clothes and I did my make-up in the truck going down the road. Since this was a Tbug weekend we made plans to get a generations photo at church with Prince Charming’s grandma, dad, Tbug and him, 4 generations. While we were there we did a few other photos too. Then driving home we took some back country roads and found some beautiful places to stop for photo shoots. We didn’t last long though b/c it was chilly outside. We got a few good photo’s though 🙂 I hope you enjoy!

Something about me & train tracks, but I loved the graffiti also, I thought it added to the photo!!

Again a different angle with the Train Track

It was chilly out there so Tbug & I were keeping each other warm!

This was at Spout Springs a few roads over from the train track

I actually photoshopped this one. I wish I had a little more training on photoshop! Someone at work told me it looked like a scene out of Twilight, in Forks.

Ok so this isn’t from yesterday but again I was playing with photoshop. I just lightened this one b/c it was darker.

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