Easter 2017

One tradition I really wanted to keep is getting pictures with Santa and the Easter Bunny at the respective holidays. So far Abug still hates the Easter Bunny. This year Tbug happened to be with us when we went to see the Easter Bunny. She’s old enough I wasn’t going to make her get in the picture, as you may notice from how she’s dressed (just regular clothes) but Abug threw such a fit that we conned Tbug to be in the photo to keep Abug happy. We never did get Abug to smile, but this isn’t bad I guess….

Mom bought Easter cookie cutters and asked that I make her some Sugar Cookies to take to work. This is what she got. Not bad I guess, right? Please tell me they’re good 😀.


King of the Jungle!!

**Warning** These are not my best photos. I was using my Point & Shoot in low light conditions and I kept moving…. Please don’t judge me! I left my dSLR at home :(.*********

So Sunday Tbug was in a Church performance for Fairview Christian Church. It was called:

King of the Jungle

The cool thing about Fairview Christian Church is it is very child/Youth oriented. Our church doesn’t seem to be so Children oriented. Our Youth group is much smaller. (in both Churches Prince Charming & I attend, mine & his)

Sunday Fun

Yesterday morning Prince Charming, Tbug & I got up and got ready for Church. Prince Charming and I have almost made it a weekly habit of having tator tots with sausage and cheese for breakfast, You talk about good!! Then as we were about ready to walk out the door to go to Church, the horses were out. He changed clothes real fast and I hadn’t put church clothes on yet so we ran outside in the cold to put the horses away. I went walking out in hot pink shorts, black socks almost to my knees, my boots, t-shirt and my coat and Tbug goes, I have to find my coat, we’re leaving for church right. I walked back in and had to laugh. I told her I wasn’t about to go to church looking like that.