King of the Jungle!!

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**Warning** These are not my best photos. I was using my Point & Shoot in low light conditions and I kept moving…. Please don’t judge me! I left my dSLR at home :(.*********

So Sunday Tbug was in a Church performance for Fairview Christian Church. It was called:

King of the Jungle

The cool thing about Fairview Christian Church is it is very child/Youth oriented. Our church doesn’t seem to be so Children oriented. Our Youth group is much smaller. (in both Churches Prince Charming & I attend, mine & his)

These were the Monkey’s who added a little comic relief throughout the show.
I loved the line, “Let’s make like a Banana and split” I know corny humor but it’s fun!

Tbug was a “The Wild Worship” person.
**I warned you my photos were bad, I wanted my dSLR**
That was a black puppy dog in her hand.
Still up front with the Wild Worship group.

It cracks me up, she looks bored here but she was just going through the motions
It was just the luck I had in catching her.
You still can’t really tell that it is a puppy dog in her hand…
dang PAS 🙁 and me moving 🙁
this was the Jungle Tour group that led us through our tour…
hehe, aren’t they cute 🙂
At one point they had something about Lions and in the first performance Tbug didn’t have her lion. We asked her why and she said someone took hers. She did have the saddest look on her face like, now what do I do but she went through all the motions. The little girl next to her didn’t have one either…..
The second performance during the Lion part the little girl on the other side of her was crying… a lot… not sure why….
The first performance was better in my opinion. In the second they had some small foepaw’s.

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