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I bet you thought we’d forgotten about the picture of the week. Well we hadn’t forgotten however just hadn’t taken the time to put them up. I had all of Prince Charming’s choices of photo but I wasn’t sure what he wanted to be “the one” and me…. well I never really decided either. Mine is rather boring I think but hey it’s all good :). So they are talking about a nasty storm getting ready to hit us, I’d be ok if it didn’t truthfully. I’m not such a big fan of cold weather, especially because it’s lambing season and they all seem to want to come during the coldest weather. My first set was born on Tbug’s birthday, I lost both lambs and then the next day lost the ewe. Then we hit all that freezing cold weather and every night I’d go out and ask the expecting mothers to keep their legs closed. I got lucky that time, I’m not so sure I can get that lucky this next cold spat. So I guess it’s time to show photos that you are really wanting to see 🙂

Nicole: This is my view pretty much everyday, except the time changes 😉

Prince Charming: This is a project Prince Charming helped my mom work on 🙂

Next weeks (and yes that will be this weekend’s post) word: Random

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