Audrey’s Puppies

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Surprise, Audrey had puppies. Yeah, it was quite a surprise for us too. We didn’t want puppies, but hey we got them. I’m not going to lie, I kind of steered clear of them. I didn’t want to get attached. It’s easy to do! Puppies are so sweet. In fact, I think that Abug got a little attached. Whoops. Like I said, it’s easy to do.

When we got home from Cozumel, the puppies were of age to leave the nest. Hubby put them on Craig’s List at like 3pm and by 7pm they all had new homes. Yes, they went that fast. It was CRAZY! So until next time… although unless they are purebreds I really hope there isn’t a next time. But look at those cute little fur balls. Aren’t they adorable?

One couple who took the last 2 asked why we weren’t keeping them and we were like, we already have 5 dogs at home. They laughed but we weren’t joking.

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