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I don’t know how to even begin to write this post.  It’s not a post I want to write or even a post I thought I’d ever have to write.

Someone stole Audrey.

Wednesday morning I left for work and she was here.  Wednesday night I got home from work and she was gone.  Sometime during the day someone came and took her.  I’m not real sure why they didn’t take Marley although my mother-in-law proves a valid point.  If Marlie thought Audrey was in trouble, she could have high tailed it outta there because she didn’t want to get in trouble too.

In fact when I got home Marlie was acting very weird and very clingy.  It’s so hard to describe.

Hubby, Tbug, Robert & my parents scoured our property and our neighborhood looking for her.  We never found her.  I’ve called the humane society, the dog catcher, the sheriff and the police.  I know if I contact a vets office they can’t help me because of “privacy” laws.  I only know this b/c a few years ago I had an Aussie stolen but that’s another story for another day.

I know most of you who read this aren’t from around here, but if by chance someone from around here stumbles onto my post and sees this… If you’ve seen my dog, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know!  We want her home!

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  1. Oh my heart is broken for you!!
    Poor girl.
    Was she in your house? Did someone come into your home and steal her? I'm flabbergasted.
    We have our dog microchipped so if anyone turned her in anywhere they would know who to call but that doesn't help if someone steals her.
    I am just so bothered. Will pray for her safe return.

  2. I am so sorry, I can't imagine what you are going through.

    I really hop whoever did it comes to their senses and you get her back safely and soon.

  3. I am soooo very very very sorry, Nicole!!

    “Privacy” laws for a dog? I don't think HIPAA covers pets. What you could do is ask if you can post a sign with her pictures, your contact info, “no questions asked” and a reward. Maybe an honest person would respond, even if they aren't supposed to. Just a thought.

  4. Oh my, I'm so sorry. Was she outside? You have had 2 dogs stolen before? I think you need to get uglier dogs, or meaner looking ones. (I know not a funny joke right now) I don't know what to say I didn't knwo people did that. Why would someone do that? Is there a black market for dogs? Praying you find her

  5. People suck lemons.
    And your vet is one of the worst if they can't help.

    *hugs* So sorry to read this.
    God bless and hope someone returns her to you. ♥

  6. This is horrible! Was she outside and someone took her? I'm dog sitting this weekend and am so terrified of leaving the dogs outside alone for long in fear of someone stealing them. Some people are so mean.

    That just breaks my heart!
    For all of you. Including her.
    When I was growing up. We lived in the country and somebody stole our yellow and black Labs.
    My mom was home even. It was in the afternoon.
    One minute they were there…and then gone.
    Could she have wandered away and gotten lost or confused?
    Don't give up!
    I am so sorry.

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