The Coronavirus Easter… Day 30

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I’m pretty sure most people would agree this wasn’t the Easter we planned on for 2020. Everyone talked about the Roaring ’20s but I seriously doubt this Coronavirus is what they had in mind. Honestly, truth be told, this is probably the Easter I don’t care to remember. Not because I want to forget the true reason for this season. In fact, Jesus is what is getting us through this. Him and God. Otherwise, this would suck a lot more than it does. I love that a lot of churches were broadcasting Easter Church services online because we’re not allowed to congregate at Church right now.

But Easter with my family this year could have gone better. I seriously think I’ll just leave it at that. 

At least the Easter Bunny was able to make it through to our house. Whew!!

What made it “perfect” was the fact that the little said that she loved this day and couldn’t wait until next Easter. That right there and Jesus are the true reason for this!

I hardly even took pictures of our food which is unlike me. These are THE BEST carrots. It’s so funny because my mom loves these carrots. But every time she eats them, she asks if these are the carrots my aunt makes (which she also loves). 

The oldest doesn’t like sweet potatoes, or so she claims.

I even pulled out a cookbook and made biscuits to go with Strawberries. It was a cookbook by Dorie Greenspan.

and I finally made Kouign Amann (pronounced Queen Amon). They are kind of like a croissant and a pastry all made together and OMG are they delicious. Dangerously delicious. I first learned about these during the Great British Bakeoff. So yummy.

The food was good. 

And I’ll leave you with the fun that we had with our new bottle calves because… why not!

And Chloe’s sentiment on the rabbit ears are my thoughts on this whole coronavirus crap!

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