Happy Puppy Birthday

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Not only today is Audrey’s birthday, but it’s Marlie’s birthday too.

Yes I have 2 dogs out of two different litters, in fact 2 different breeds (a Cocker Spaniel & a Yellow Lab) and they were both born on June 29, 1 year apart.  Craziness!

Happy Birthday Girlfriends!  (remember that’s what I call them)

And they both came into our lives in September or October.  Crazy!  It’s been a fun adventure from chasing them across the roof of my house to Audrey coming up missing for a week.  Did I ever tell you she was locked in a neighbor’s barn?  He found her and brought her home to us.

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  1. Aww! Happy Birthdays, Girlfriends!! I wish we knew Weiser's exact birthday…All we know is November, and I'm not even sure that is set in stone.

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