Happy Birthday!

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Today is hubby’s birthday! Yup, he’s the big 34. Holy crap. I remember when I thought 30 was old. Now we’re in our 30’s. I saw one day on Facebook… you know because all great information comes from Facebook… that we’re not basically older than the Friends characters. You know… like before the TV show went away. Anyway… back to hubby….

I laugh, but it’s true… every year hubby’s birthday seems to draw out for an entire week and this really isn’t any different. We gave him his present on Monday night (Oct. 31) because my dad was going out of town today. Today is his birthday. Then Saturday night we’re going out to dinner for hubby. My birthday sometimes I’m lucky if I get a day. This past year I really didn’t get any kind of day. It was awful but again, we’re not talking about me… we’re talking about hubby.

So what did he get you’re so anxiously wondering?

Why, he got a new smoker. Ours died earlier this fall or was it late summer… either way, it died. He likes to smoke meats so I went on the hunt to find him a new smoker. The original one we had was a Masterbuilt, but this time around I went with a Bradley. There’s no rhyme or reason, just what I chose for him. Mom and dad wanted in on the gift, so bam, the smoker was bought. Then they got him some smoker chips because how fun is it to not be able to use your new toy. Oh wait, we gave it to him at 9:30 at night with no meat to smoke. Ask him how he felt about that :).

Don’t let 9:30 at night fool you though. He had it pulled out and put together and was reading about it before bed.

Oh… and we got him a new KC Chiefs Beach towel too :).

Happy Birthday my love!

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