More Deep Conversations

The other night I needed to study for a test that I have tomorrow. We got everyone showered at the house and all piled on our bed. Hubby said he’d help me look up some definitions I needed and Tbug said she’d feed the Peanut for me. So Tbug was sitting to my right on hubby’s side of the bed just a yacking away. I would answer her when she asked me a question and hubby was talking to her as well. Then while I was writing a definition I realized it got suddenly quiet. I looked over and this is what I saw. I got hubby’s attention and got my camera out for the photo op. A few minutes later she woke up and continued talking. Hubby told her she dozed off and she was like, no I didn’t. I just closed my eyes for a minute. Then I showed her the picture. She was like, well it’s just so comfortable laying like this I couldn’t help it.

Ah my little loves!

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