I love the Goat Ornament…

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Every year since I’ve been married to my husband we’ve tried to include Tbug in decorating our Christmas treeWe miss the one Christmas when hubby and I were dating.  I know what all ornaments we own.  I know what all ornaments go onto our tree.

Granted, we have a few that we add every year – trips, family, etc, but I still know what they are because while we’re collecting them and it isn’t Christmas, I line them on the hooks in my kitchen just so they don’t get lost, broken or forgotten.  Therefore, I know all the ornaments on our tree.

This year’s additions:

One for Tbug’s Cheerleading that we found in Branson.

The trip that hubby and I took last May.

A spur of the moment trip to burn the last of my vacation for the year.

Finally got an ornament representing our honeymoon.

And those ladies & gentlemen are our new ornaments.  (to see previous ornaments go here).

Simple.  The tree is a living tree as I call it (no our tree is artificial, I know I suck) but living in the fact that we keep getting new ornaments that represent us and our family.  They tell a story.  I actually have ornaments that date back to like 1994 on our tree.

Now I don’t have all the ornaments from my childhood on our tree because well my parents used to get real trees and they’d fall over for whatever reason and I had a lot of ornaments get broken, this is why we have an artificial tree.  You know, in case you wondered.  (And we haven’t gone to hubby’s dad’s yet to get any of his…)

So anyway Sunday morning Doti came over for a little bit and sat in the living room talking to us.  Now I’ve told you before that we tease my mom about Red Birds (story here)… and Hubby/Dad have this thing going on with Justin Bieber (story here).  I on the other hand get teased about goats.  (Read the story here).

I’ve had goats, NO I wasn’t a goat farmer but when I was younger I wanted goats.  Then I got them and I hated them.  Now in FFA I showed sheep.  There’s a huge difference in goats & sheep, especially in the way you show/feed/handle them etc.

So back to the story… Doti sat down on our loveseat and looked over at the tree and immediately noticed the goat ornament right off the bat.

She was like, Oh Nicole I love the goat ornament.
Huh?  say what?  What goat ornament?!?!?!

Sure enough, there’s the goat ornament.  I immediately looked at hubby and he cracked up laughing.  So of course I blamed him.  Doti was like well did you buy it thinking it looked like a sheep?  I was like H*** no I didn’t buy that, I didn’t put it on the tree.  I know all the ornaments that went on my tree and that wasn’t one of them.

So long story short, my mom told me Paybacks a b****.  Because remember I get her a red bird every year…  The real kicker is it has been hanging on our tree for a week now…

And the sad part is… that goat ornament is cute and it’ll stay on the tree for years to come because it was from my momma and it’s part of our life (you know the teasing).

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7 thoughts on “I love the Goat Ornament…

  1. Ha!! That's awesome. You know, it will probably become one of your most beloved Christmas ornaments! You'll laugh about that moment you discovered the goat every year 🙂

  2. What an awesome story. You will be talking about that goat ornament for years to come I'm sure. I'd say even T-Bug will be telling it years down the road.

    My Anika got a cheer ornament this year too. We buy the kids new ones every year. I also added new ornaments from Florida this year to our tree. We spent Christmas in Florida last year and I bought ornaments from Sea World, Daytona Beach, Ponce De Inlet Lighthouse and The Alligator Farm. It was awesome adding all those memories this year 🙂

  3. I love that story! I am not as good at remembering all of my ornaments. Every year when I am going through the box, there are always a couple that I wonder, where in the world did that come from…?

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