Day 773

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Day 773 – We were married for 1 Year – Hawaii 2011

Day 775 – We renewed our Wedding Vows

Day 808 – We blew off studying and ran off to Eureka Springs for a day of fun like Newlyweds

Day 814 – We celebrated 10 years out of High School.

Day 831 – Hubby hit his last year in his 20’s (29)

Day 843 – Hubby got his first deer of our marriage

Day 849 – We went on the Show Boat Branson Belle.

Day 854 – I baked my first ever Turkey for Thanksgiving 2011.

Day 869 – Ft. Worth Bound Baby!

Day 873 – I found out we won a horse breeding to Smoother than a Cat

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Day 883 – I got my Hippopotamus for Christmas.

Day 892 – We rang in the New Year once again with a kiss.

Day 932 – We headed to Grandbury to take Squirty to meet her mate.

Day 939 – I killed my hard drive with all our photos.

Day 947 – Hubs and I had a blate.

Day 980 – Afternoon road Trips to Tulsa with hubby to meet Pioneer Woman

Day 985 – Headed to pick up Squirty.

Day 993 – Showboat Branson Belle – Again.

Day 1017 – What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas.

Day 1035 – Hubby won his first Belt Buckle

Day 1070 – Big Brutus adventures

Day 1077 – Hubby experienced his first Round Robin show – I judged.

Day 1088 – Our 3 Year Dating Anniversary

Day 1093 –  I hit my last year of my 20’s (29)

Day 1107 – Our first night apart in just shy of 2 years.

Day 1110 – Spent a day and a half vacation together.

Day 1112 – I got my Drive In Date – 14 years later.

Day 1125 – We lost Squirty and our baby foal

Day 1129 – We celebrated our 2 year Wedding Anniversary

7 thoughts on “Day 773

  1. OK… i OFFICIALLY HATE the fact that I don't get all my RSS feeds in my inbox anymore!! I completely MISS ALL YOUR POSTS now. Wish they came as an email then I wouldn't miss them… Now I'm even further behind. 🙁

    …like just getting a surprise … as I'm reading this one and I see MY face!
    Day 947 – Hubs and I had a blate.

    I can't believe it's been months since we saw you. Seems like forever.

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