There’s a Restaurant….

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So like any couple, we sometimes have…. odd, let’s say… weird, maybe…. strange, could be…. you can insert a lot of words here…. conversations.  This one the other night though kind of takes the cake and I so just needed to share it with you.  Sit back and enjoy.  Please feel free to laugh!

Me:  So there’s a restaurant we need to go to sometime.
Hubs:  Where?
M: I dunno
H: What’s it called?
M: I dunno but it’s Italian
H: Um… ok… What town is it in?
M: I dunno
H: Is it in a town?
M: I dunno, it could be on the road, but it is in Kansas
H: Ok we’re getting closer.  Where at in Kansas?
M: I dunno
H: Have you been there?
M: No I was supposed to one time but it snowed.
H: How would a person go about getting there?
M: I dunno on a road, 400 maybe?  Does that sound right?
H: I dunno maybe…
M:  What about 4?  Dad and I have talked about how to get there before.
H: um…..
M: or it could be 7.
H: There’s a big difference there.
M: Yeah, well I think we should go there.
H: Is it Josies?
M: Could be…
H: Scammon, Kansas?
M: Could be, sounds right.
H: Does this look right?
M: I dunno I’ve never been there.
H: Well if it isn’t, we should go there sometime

I wonder if he expected conversations like this on our first date??

And while we’re at it… Let’s give a big shout out to the Love of my life who got a year older today!  Happy Birthday, sweetheart.  Here’s to many many more weird conversations over the years!  I love you and Happy Birthday!

0 thoughts on “There’s a Restaurant….

  1. haha! Yep, I can hear myself doing this! Reminds me of how I try to explain to my dad when there's something wrong with my car.

    Happy Birthday to PC!!

  2. We do similar conversations…they go like…

    it's at…..

    the thing….

    yes, the thing, and we need to bring……

    the stuff…

    yes, the stuff.

    No wonder our kids think we're nuts!

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