Lambert’s – Home of the Throwed Rolls!

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I learned at a young age that I would not be cut out to be a ball player.  Baseball, Basketball, Football, you name it, if balls were involved (wow that could sound dirty, so not meant to be though!) I was not good at it.  And catch, heck might as well just hit me or watch something fly by because I’m not so good at the catching part either.  What can I say, I’m talented like that.

There is a restaurant fairly close to home though, where if you want a roll, you better be able to catch, or be like me and send a bunch to the floor until someone else catches one for you!  It’s called, Lambert’s Cafe – Home of the Throwed rolls.

Located in beautiful Ozark, Missouri, it has made a name for itself!

People will drive for miles just to eat at Lambert’s

This was walking up to put our name on the list.

I should tell you this was a Sunday morning at 10:45am, we had to put our name on a waiting list and our wait was estimated to be 20 minutes.

What’s really cute is my husband remembered eating here on our way back from Florida way back in 1999 when he fell head over heels for me!

We actually wound up waiting closer to 30-40 minutes.  No joke.

But if you’re asking if the food is worth the wait, the answer would be, heck yeah!  If nothing else, getting a roll thrown at your head is definitely worth it!  Their portions are large, heck, just look at the drink mug you get.  If you need that refilled, well you better be finding a bathroom so you don’t spring a leak.  Sorry I just had to throw that in there, but the drink mugs are huge!  Oh and you can buy one in their gift shop :).

I ordered the Hamburger steak

Excellent – One full pound of ground thick and juicy 100% sirloin beef smothered with gravy, bell peppers, mushrooms, fresh onions and tomatoes plus choice of 2 vegetables. Served in a skillet!

Holy cow was it good too!  My two sides were corn & fried apples.

My husband and my mother-in-law ordered the Meatloaf.

100% beef. Made from scratch every day, with your choice of 2 vegetables.

It came with Mashed potatoes & gravy, so they each chose sweet potatoes & cottage cheese as their sides.

Now, one of the cool things about eating at Lamberts, other than the huge food portions and getting rolls thrown at your head is they come around with extra fixin’s such as…

…Fried Potatoes…

…Macaroni & Tomatoes…

… and Black eyed Peas… (which I tried for the first time… very earthy tasting!)

Plus you can get Sorghum for your rolls!  There’s honey on the table too ;).

Ok if you walk away from this place hungry, you’re just out of your mind!  This is everything I couldn’t eat and wound up taking home, no joke!

And what’s fabulous is they have all the state flags plus probably some countries?? all over the ceilings.  Very eclectic but you just have to love it!

I would definitely say try this place at least once if you never have!!  (don’t worry, once is never enough!)

btw, funny story, once my uncle ordered a salad which comes in a bread bowl.  Every person who walked by our table stopped to talk to him about his salad.  It was hilarious!

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