We picked my mom up from the airport yesterday. She was in Hawaii for 2 weeks or so for work. When she got off the plane she had on flip flops and Abug saw grandma’s toenails. She said, Pretty! and then insisted that she get her toenails like grandma’s. We decided to go ahead and get pedicures and my mom needed to get her nails filled (she has fake nails).

When we got there mom got in for her fill and Abug and I went over to the pedicure station. They wouldn’t give Abug a pedicure sadly. Then she started throwing a fit that she didn’t want her toenails painted, she wanted her fingernails painted like grandma’s. After we got her toenails painted, she did everything in her power to scrape the nail polish off. Grrrrr! Needless to say I don’t think she’ll be getting her nails professionally painted for a while. Boy that fit she threw was something else…. sigh!

Tale of the New Dishwasher

Every so often life doesn’t go as planned. It happens. Last week I went to start the dishwasher and about 3 minutes in it started beeping at me. I opened the door and it was throwing an error code and it stunk. Like water was standing in it and it was stinky. Yuck! Couldn’t help but wonder how long the water stood in there really.

I finally got the code to clear, tried to start it again, and no go. <sigh> So I wound up doing all the dishes by hand and then right after that was when I took Abug to bed and she threw up and it started a downhill spiral, real quick. Anyway… we won’t focus on that!

So When hubby got home from his work trip he took the dishwasher out and tried to figure out what was wrong. We got one code error to clear and a new one fired up. End of the story was, the dishwasher was toast. Luckily it isn’t ours… lol. It’s mom and dad’s dishwasher so we told them what was going on. We went on the hunt for a new dishwasher for them.

We wound up at Lowe’s. We asked the guy what he recommended and then that’s the one we bought. The next thing was to install it. I think daddy had a pretty cute helper! Just saying 😙😜.

Our New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve I woke up thinking about the Beer Cheese Fondue we had the year before. We didn’t have any plans so I asked hubby if he’d be interested in doing that. He said sure. I also asked my parents, grandma, and mother-in-law. Low key and good food. We had to get up early the next morning so it was perfect for us. (and yes, I was in bed by like 10:30… I’m in my 30’s 😉)

I also saw this on facebook and laughed. It’s probably true…


Christmas Eve

Years ago I started a tradition. I would make cookies for people who helped me throughout the year and on Christmas Eve I would go around delivering them. I missed a few years, but not many. When I got married, hubby continued that tradition with me. This year was no different. This year I made sugar cookies and spent a week decorating them so that they’d be ready to plate up and deliver on Christmas Eve. We then piled in the little red “sled” (aka hubby’s truck) and off to deliver cookies we went. And out of all the plates we delivered, we only spoke with 2 of the recipients. All the rest weren’t home so I left them in the normal places I have in the past and off to the next place we went.


Monroe, Louisiana: Warehouse No.1 Restaurant

I mentioned in the post about Waterfront Grill that I had my heart set on food at a particular restaurant… Well Warehouse No. 1 Restaurant happened to be the place I wanted to eat that day for lunch. Why was my heart set on this place? Well of course I read they had Cheddar Jalapeño Cheese Grits. Yup, I had my heart set on eating those grits. Grits is something that I associate with the South and I’m surprised this was the only restaurant that offered them for where we ate.

When we arrived they asked if we wanted to eat indoors or outdoors. We said outdoors because at home we don’t get that option. Maybe looking in hindsight we should have eaten inside because it was hot, but hey… why not be a yes person :).


Monroe Louisiana: Waterfront Grill

After we left the Zoo, we decided to sit in the car for a few minutes, cool down, and find a good place to eat lunch. We pulled out our handy travelers guides and mom read one while I read the other. Mom stumbled across a place and read about it and it made my mouth water so I started pulling up their menu on my phone when she got off on another restaurant and decided we were going there because it made Southern Living Magazine so off we went to Waterfront Grill (On the Bayou, 5201 DeSiard St., Monroe, LA).


West Monroe, Louisiana: Trapps

On Tuesday while we were out and about, at the Spice exchange we asked a gal for a suggestion on food. She told us there wasn’t anything local (not chain) that was based around kids. Then she suggested Chucky Cheese. No thank you! We told her it didn’t have to be kid based. So she suggested Trapps (113 S. Riverfront St, West Monroe, Louisiana) which was just around the corner. We decided to try it out. (Glad we did!). And I promise my mom was with us… she H.A.T.E.S. to have her picture taken and if I were to say take one and post it, she might disown me. Which kind of surprises me that I like pictures so much but anyway that’s beside the point!