Put me in Bubble Wrap, Please

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Just put me in bubble wrap, please. Seriously… My middle name should be Grace because I’m as “graceful” as they come. My dad likes to tease me that I took all those years of ballet lessons and am as clumsy as they come. I guess if the shoe fits, lace that puppy up and wear it.

My aunt and uncle have a hot tub and Abug was begging to get in it since she couldn’t get in their swimming pool. Way to cold for the pool. So Saturday evening we all got in the hot tub with her. At about 20 minutes, we sent the girls in to shower/get dressed in jammies. Hubby and I decided I’d give Tbug about 10 minutes and then I’d go in. He’d give me about 5 and he’d shortly follow.

At about 10 minutes I went to get out of the hot tub. That was my first mistake. AC has a 2 step stool to get in and out of the hot tub with. I stepped on the first step, stepped on the second step, put my foot on the concrete and that was my second mistake. I felt the puddle of water on the concrete and thought dang, it’s a little slick. Then I proceeded to put my weight on my left leg… the third mistake. It went all downhill after that… literally.

I hit that puddle of water and went sliding. A couple times I thought I had my balance caught but nope, I slammed down on that concrete on my knee in a split second. It hurt too! Gosh, it hurt. Hubby jumped out of the hot tub quickly to help me get to my feet. About that time AC walked out the back door. I hobbled inside.

I propped my leg up on a stool in the kitchen and realized I had a small “gash” in my leg. Ugh! Of course, I do. Maybe another scar to add to the long list of scars on my poor legs. I’m quite clumsy after all.

And the above picture is actually 3 days post fall… Just put me in bubble wrap, please!

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