Friday Five

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Five Thoughts on this Friday:

  1. I didn’t have school on Monday because of Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday. I really don’t remember getting this day off last year but I’ll take it!
  2. You know I think baby girl hasn’t fallen asleep in my arms since she was a widdle (little) baby. Tuesday I was sitting at my parents house for a few minutes before I had to leave for school and she took a snooze in my arms. I just sat there and soaked it up. She’ll sleep in my mom and my MIL’s arms but not mine. 
  3. Wednesday we put her hair up in pigtails. OMG, that totally changed her personality! Wow she was full of it! It was soooo adorable, cute, funny, hilarious, and every other describing word you can think of!
  4. I started working on making her baby food yesterday and the things I needed to process it up were in the dishwasher. I forgot so right before bed I jumped in the shower (our nightly routine, I shower first, then Abug and hubby jump in, then I take Abug and lotion/diaper/dress her, hubby finishes his shower then she eats and we all crash), hubby went to make her bottle and had to finish up her food for her. She was screaming her head off when I got out of the shower. 
  5. Normally she wakes up somewhere between 6 and 8 in the morning for her morning feeding. This morning started at 5. Does that mean this day is off?

Five Photos:

Someone found their tongue this week I guess. Dang, it has spent more time out of her mouth than in it.

we went to the store this week with grandma and forgot the stroller or front carrier so she got to ride in a shopping cart like a big girl. Dang, please quit growing up so fast!

At Sunday Night Dinner we were playing Domino’s so Morgan decided to take baby girl. When we walked into the living room, this is how we found them.

These pigtails brought out a whole new personality in this sweet girl.

I got a new phone case for my phone this week. I thought it was really cute and fun, especially since I like cameras :).

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