Cozumel Mother’s Day Trip Part 1

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In May we headed to Cozumel Mexico. By the time we left I think we all needed a vacation. It was hubby, Abug, my mom, my MIL, and me who were able to go this year along with some other people to round out our trip. It was a lot of fun and after the way my day started I’m ready for some more Vitamin D and Vitamin Sea until my attitude changes!

When we flew into DFW we had a quick layover to get to our next flight. Boy was that an interesting experience, especially with a toddler. So I went to try and get her off the plane and she wanted no part of it. Deb was in the seat beside me and so between the two of us we coaxed her off the plane… she wanted to exit with grandma and Memaw but they were behind us with no way to get her back to them. Once we were on the jetway I put her up on my shoulders so 1) we could move quickly and 2) she didn’t get tired of walking. Boy was that a big mistake. She screamed and threw a fit and tried to jump off my shoulders.

So we had to jump from one terminal to the next via a tram. We got on the tram but Memaw almost got closed into the tram door. Grady stayed back with her to get her to the next point. We got to the next point, all boarded, and off to Cozumel we went.

Once we landed in Cozumel we had to go through Customs where some guy jumped all in the middle of hubby and tried to pick a fight with him. All hubby asked was, can I move out of your way so you can pass and he jumped all over hubby that he wasn’t cutting in line etc. WOW!

We got to the hotel, checked in, showed the mothers around, and then went to do a check out dive in the ocean to make sure we had enough weight.

Now dives this trip… I needed 21 dives to make it to 100 by the time we left Cozumel. I was also working on Solo Diver requirements as well as Rescue requirements. While we were off diving, I guess Deb, Jan, and Jennifer were sitting in the lawn chairs and 2 of the 3 of them at least wound up having the chair collapse on them and they went to the ground.

That evening they had moved dinner over to the outside restaurant which made perfect opportunity to get sunset photos! Although I got real interested in this guy standing/sitting on the rock during the sunset.

Plus I had a crab buddy helping me out too.

Now why the picture of my ankle? Well…. So there are 2 types of divers, those who pee in their wetsuits and those who say they don’t but they really do. So when we were doing our check out dives I didn’t have to pee. Not until the end of the dives and by that time I decided to hold it since we were getting out of the water and go up to the bathrooms. Well I got sand all over me and my suit so I decided I’d just go rinse the sand off my wetsuit in the ocean and pee while I was at it.

Note to self: Pee in the damn wetsuit. I wound up slipping and falling and spraining my ankle the first day we were in Cozumel… all because I didn’t want to pee in my wetsuit. Note to self…. just pee in the damn wetsuit.

Speaking of wetsuits… hubby handed me a wetsuit to pack and then dive in. The first day it was huge on me, but I’ve lost weight since last year so I never thought anything of it. The zipper split out in his. They all teased him it was because he was trying to get in too small of a wetsuit, but he’s lost weight since last year too. The zipper was actually missing teeth. Yeah… so can you see where this is going? He was in my wetsuit and I was in his. It took us 3 days to figure this out.

The second night we were there, we did our group picture because a couple people were leaving to come home the next day. So this dog followed me/us all the way in through the restaurant to where we did our group photo.

We called it the Mother’s Day Trip, but we easily could have called it the birthday trip, because out of 22 people we had 4 birthday’s in May. Whew!

Just wanted to prove I was there even though I actually show up in a few of these photos. I feel like a walking billboard for SCUBAPRO… ha.

Last year I didn’t see the Brick Cozumel sign except in pictures as we were heading home. I told them this year I needed to see it in person. In fact, I got my picture by it to prove I saw it.

These were our fantastic dive master’s, videographers, and dive master candidate that dove with us. Clemente, Jorge, Gustavo, Cezar, and Gerardo. They got us all back in one piece.

So part of the reason it was called the Mother’s Day trip is a bunch of us were still there during US Mother’s Day but we were also there for Mexican Mother’s Day which falls on May 11 ever year. On Wednesday that trip was May 11, therefore Mother’s Day. They joked on the boat that they left our flowers at the dive shop, not realizing we were going to the dive shop that afternoon to dive. haha…. so Friday, our last day diving off the boat they showed up with this just for us.

This sign cracked me up…

One of the nights we went out to dinner as a large group, otherwise we ate at the hotel. I think I missed the memo on how to dress….

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