2nd Birthday Partaeee

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So, the flu, as influenza, I think hit our house. We were never tested but within 2 weeks we all felt like death warmed over… is that the right phrase? Or do I have it wrong, like most times? Luckily for all our family, my niece’s birthday party wasn’t on her birthday and we were all kind of on the mend. It was rough going there for a while…. yikes! Hubby made sure to get Ambyr with icing before she could attack him. I think we actually made it through one family gathering… Christmas maybe… without the food war… It was definitely overdue!

We made sure to take our yearly family photo. Luckily Tbug was with us, or else we’d have had to put it off. (2015, 2016)

This picture, even though it is blurry, is way cute with the two littles looking at each other. By the way, when people are trying to take your picture, if you’re in the picture, you stay ready at the camera so that when the person behind the camera gets the little’s to smile, you are ready. Otherwise, they’ll be ready and you won’t be, and the littles are harder to get to smile/look at a camera….

My cupcake wrapper was turned into a flower… don’t you think? And apparently there was a story behind a bunch of chocolate cupcakes but I never heard it….. hmmmmm…..

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