How we spent our 1st Anniversary Part 3

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For our Anniversary we ate at Top of Waikiki.  The restaurant makes 1 full revolution (yes it spins) every hour so you can see the city.  Here’s one of the photos I got, and of course, spinning restaurant with low lights=blurry!

Happy 1 Year Anniversary baby!





If you remember, the first wedding anniversary traditional present is “paper”.

Last summer I wrote our story out from beginning to the proposal (my side of course) so I went through, made it flow into a book, added highlight photos, had a graphic designer in our Marketing Services department do up a cover and had the print shop here at workprint it, and bind it for me.  It may be corny, but it was what I did.

The title may be a little corny, but you know what, I like corny!








It is 87 pages total, they printed it front and back so you are looking at about 44 pages plus the cover and back.  Will he read it?  I don’t know, he’s already read it before.  Will he always have it though?  You betcha!

I debated for a long time, to put pictures or not, everyone said, DO IT.  If I didn’t I’d be sad when I was 60 that they weren’t included, so I Did It 🙂

I hope my Prince Charming (gag I know) loves it as much as I loved putting it together for him.

So when we were still even dating I think, I told him someday I wanted a charm bracelet, it is just to be between us, the charms should be things about me, him or us including but not limited to milestones, highlights, hobbies, etc.  So then he heard that the first year was “paper” and it stumped him a bit.  So my charm bracelet has a “book” on it that says our names, 1st year of marriage, and the date!


this was my dinner, I had Tomato Parmesan.


And he had Chicken Panzanella.  Mine was good, his was BETTER!


11 thoughts on “How we spent our 1st Anniversary Part 3

  1. Since she didnt put any do's and don'ts I will add them.

    DO go to Hawaii for your anniversary.
    DO go to Top of Waikiki
    Don't expect to walk away from Top of Waikiki without spending some money!! 😉

  2. I think that idea is AWESOME!!! So sweet!!

    My parents ate at a revolving restaurant nearby in Ottawa years ago for their anniversary – Mom said you couldn't even tell it was moving, until she looked down and realized her purse, which she had set on the floor near her chair, was half-way across the restaurant! It was on the part of the floor that was not revolving! haha!!

  3. Congratulations! I linked to you from the Crazy Cooking Challenge and we just celebrated our 1st anniversary over the weekend! 🙂

  4. YUM!! Y'alls food looks amazing!! I love your gift to him! That's SO SO sweet! I want to print out my posts about our story and wedding and make them into a book!

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