How we spent our 1st Anniversary Part 1

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I didn’t want to be traveling on our anniversary!  That was one request I made.

Oh and trust me, your time will be so screwed up!  I woke up all but 1 morning at 3 am which was 8 am at home.  I’d have to convince myself to go back to sleep until about 6-6:30 am HI time which was 11-11:30 am MO time.  And we wouldn’t go to bed until around 10 pm-12 am HI time which is 3-5 am MO time.  Oh well, it was like college all over again, going to bed late, getting up early. ha!

When I got up at 6:25ish this was the sight I saw out my balcony.  I was in love.

Then I looked in this direction and knew I hadn’t missed sunrise yet.  I yelled at hubby to put his shoes on and we were headed to the beach.  I figured we’d get a gorgeous sunrise there.


While we were down there they brought this bad boy out!


Turns out on Waikiki beach you don’t see the sunrise because you fight all the buildings and Diamond Head.  I was bummed but that didn’t stop me from taking a million photos.  Ok, maybe not a million b/c I only had a total of 2500ish but still, we took A LOT!



We were taking photos of me standing in the shallow waves and then this one came up.  So much for my sleep clothes!


Then we went back to our room and opened the balcony door.  The breeze was amazing!  And when you open the balcony doors (at least in our hotel) it shuts the AC off automatically.  When you close them, it comes back on.


We bought some cards at the ABC store to kill a little time (remember it’s 6:45isham) before we had something better to do.


Breakfast of champions right here baby! 🙂 haha


to shoe or not to shoe, that is the question.


Then waiting for our Catamaran ride, we played in the ocean!


Toes in the water, A** in the Sand (referring to the song again) or as close as we could get…




We were supposed to ride the blue Catamaran in previous photos.  $20/person and then they had $1 Mai Tai’s, $2 Beer’s, Cokes, etc.  Then after we paid our money and were waiting to set sail they said that the hotel rented them out to 2 men and we got bumped so we went down the way to the next Catamaran and theirs was $20/person all the drinks you wanted included in the price.  Heck, we were sold and those guys were awesome!  They even let you drive the Catamaran if you wanted.


Diamond Head


In the shallower part, the water looked like you were in a swimming pool.


On a clearer day like it was on Sunday the 4th, you can see the Islands off in the distance (looks like shadows almost).  Molokai is 50 miles from Oahu and then Maui is 25 miles from Molokai so you can actually see the 75-mile distance on clear days.


Yes, the water looked THIS blue!


They actually used Conch Shells to notify other patrons that the catamaran was coming in or going out so they didn’t run over you.


Then we met back up with Grandma & mom (who went fabric shopping) and ate lunch at the famous Duke’s.  Ask a lot of people for recommendations on restaurants, this is one they’ll send you to.


All open and this was our view at lunch.


and heck we ate with pigeons running around under our feet.


Mmmmmmm lunch!



Nicole’s Do’s & Don’ts

  • Do watch the Sunrise from your Balcony
  • Do run down and play in the water first thing in the morning, fewer people around!!
  • Do ride the catamaran, ours was the Manu Kai
  • Do make it a point to eat at Duke’s!
  • Do try to sleep in, but good luck!
  • Don’t wear your shoes in the water.  The 1st morning there (in this post) I dropped both mine and hubby’s flip flops accidentally and we had to run after them.  I almost then dropped the camera in the water… No Bueno (no good!)
  • Don’t forget the sunscreen!  Even on your head or wear a hat!
  • Don’t forget to at least try the Mai Tai… Hawaiians know how to mix them up!

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  1. I have done a big catch up and have read all of your previous posts and I recognised that gorgeous view and hotel scenery straight away! That is where we stayed when we were in Hawaii last year! I love Hawaii so much and we are saving up for a trip next year and I will definitely be booking the Outrigger again!. I'm so glad to see you had such a great time! I love your pictures and your tips.

    Before I go I just have to share this link with you:

    I Love Hawaii!!

    It is 10pm here and I really need to get to bed (if I don't enough sleep I get very crabby!). I will see you again soon.

    Blessings and best wishes,

  2. Catamaran rides are fun! When I was on the Big Island (for work…rough, I know), our training group took us on a ride. Let's just say I got soaked. It was a rough day on the ocean. It was too hot to sit inside, so outside it was. And after hitting some HUGE waves and soaking everyone, they decided to turn around. Sure could have used some free drinks after that ride! 🙂

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