Our First Night on the Town

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Hubby and I went with band back in high school to Florida, but he had a cut on his foot and was scared to get in the saltwater with the open cut so this was his actual first time ever in an ocean!  I was so excited I got to be there with him!


When the tide comes in and then goes back out at times, it feels like it’ll take you with it.  I actually wound up losing my flip flops and had to run after than to get them back.  Hubby was laughing at me but actually caught one b/c it hit the next wave and rode the wave into shore.


here is just a splendid view plus a Catamaran.  We went to ride this one on Sunday but didn’t, that’s another post for another day.


This is something I do every time I’ve ever been to the ocean, or at least I put my name in the sand b/c I haven’t always had hubby in my life or even had anyone in my life when I’ve been to the ocean.  I’ve been to the ocean 5 times now and this is actually the first time I’ve had someone’s name to write in the sand along with mine
WE’RE HERE!!!!  I think Grandma was excited too, but not nearly as excited as hubby and me… LOL 🙂


Instead of Toes in the water A** in the Sand (Zac Brown Band) at this point in time I had Toes in the sand and oh did it feel good!


All the outlets to get off the beach had these little “wash your feet” stations.  It’s a good thing too!


Then we went hunting down dinner.  It was cool because it seemed like once it started getting dark these Tiki torches appeared everywhere.


Hubby & dad, the two handsome men in my life!


We ate dinner at P.F. Chang’s the first night we were there.  Yum!


Sorry for the blur of the photo, I was walking, definitely a no-no in low light setting, but the top of that building that kind of looks like maybe the top of a circus tent, That restaurant is called “Top of Waikiki“.  That is where we ate dinner the next night for our anniversary.  It is a revolving restaurant that allows you a 360-degree view of the city.  It makes a full revolution in 1 hour.


Across from our hotel was the International Market Place.  There were a lot of jewelry vendors as well as t-shirt vendors in this area.  We also found the post office and a massage parlor among many other types of vendors.


This is the view off our balcony at night.


And a view of the water off our balcony.


Then on the street outside the IMP, they had local talents.  There were musicians and this guy.  He used cans of spray paint along with newspaper, paper paper, cardboard, tape rings, anything he needed to get the paint to manipulate into what he wanted.  There were 3 of the paintings we really liked, but this is the one we got to bring home and hang on our wall.    

Nicole’s Do’s & Don’ts

Do:  Run out into the ocean the minute you get there!  You’ll feel like a kid again!!
Walk around the area and acclimate yourself to your surroundings.
Do write your name in the sand and take a picture.  Then you’ll know you were there (like you could forget).
Do hurry up with the picture of the sand b/c the waves will wash it away fast!!
Do watch the guy do the spray can paintings, it’s awesome!

Don’t: Wear your shoes out into the ocean.  Never a good idea!  Hubby doesn’t hardly go anywhere without socks and he did just fine!!
Make any plans for doing anything when you first get there, you never know if your flights will be on time and you’ll be exhausted.
Don’t be afraid to get wet in what your wearing, the waves are very unexpected.  If you’re worried, change clothes.

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  1. I definitely followed one of your “do's” in Cuba…Dumped our luggage in the room and ran down to the beach IMMEDIATELY. It was my first time in the ocean. All I remember is wind whipping my hair around, squealing, and grinning from ear to ear. A dream finally come true!!

  2. Very cool seeing him set foot in the ocean for the 1st time. I remember being with a friend from SoCal the first time she saw snow falling – she cried. I Llove the ocean but haven't been in a long time, I think we on the east coast take advantage of being so close sometimes.

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