I Need Monday to Recoup from My Weekend!

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This has been a whirlwind of a weekend!  It started out with Thursday really.  We continued to move farm equipment to our house.  This weekends plans were to bale our field in square bales for my dad.  My car got left at my parents house so Friday morning hubby took me to meet my mom and she took me to work.  Then after work she took me to the store and then back to her house so I could get my car.  Just as we were leaving Walmart (or as you hear it Hellmart) I got a phone call from hubs that he needed new blades for the mower that were down at my grandma’s.  Not a good start.

I pulled into our driveway and saw a little kid walking around.  This was our weekend to have Tbug but hubby’s mom was going to pick her up after she got off work.  Instead Tbug’s mom dropped her off at our house early, so she was hanging out with her daddy.  Once we got the mower back up and running they went and mowed our hayfield.  Then we started working on the AC on the cabbed tractor.  Have I mentioned it is still in our driveway kind of blocking me getting in and out?  No, well it is.  Oh well 🙂

Saturday we were up at the crack of dawn back out working on the tractor.  Actually hubby was, I was in the house, I got in the mood to make cookies and then banana bread since we had banana’s going bad.  Finally we wound up going out and racking the hay, oh and guess who got to drive the tractor, if you guessed Tbug, you are correct.  Her daddy taught her how to rake and let her make a few laps.  Once the field was raked they baled it.  We wound up with 300 square bales.  Boy I’m sick of square bales by now!

Hubby had made a few laps around the field when I had my mother-in-law drive the truck and I loaded 2/3 of the trailer by myself.  I about made myself sick because it was so hot out.  Then hubby traded me places and I went to baling and he finished up that load of hay.  After that load was finished we came in for a bite to eat.  Then my father-in-law showed up.  As we went to put that load of hay in the barn, hubby’s aunt showed up and jumped in to help us.  By the end of Saturday night we had 180 bales in the barn with more out on the field.  Everyone decided they were hot and tired so we called it a day.

We were sitting in the pool when it dawned on me we had to run to my parents house.  Then we went to see my grandma real quick, came home, made dinner and crashed.

Sunday morning we were back up at just shy of 7am to go load the rest of the hay.  I had to run to my parents house and then to Lowe’s.  I walked in to Lowe’s just as they opened and were finishing up their “team” meeting I guess.  That was a weird site.  Then back to the house I went.  Robert came out and by the time I got home they had the load pretty well finished up.  Hubby then made a few sweeps of the field trying to grab as much of the loose hay as we could and we got 15 more bales.  Dang!

We took it over to my parents house and put it up in their barn and then came back and crashed again.  Hubs decided that we were going to have ribs for lunch so he started them.  I walked in and asked him why it smelled fishy.  Turns out the ribs were bad,  darn, so we had sandwiches and corn on the cob!  Then we chilled in the house all afternoon watching Marley & Me (yes I cried) then taking Tbug home.  We finally came back home and rounded out the night with a Philly Cheesesteak pizza and watching Love Actually.

Wow, looking at all of that I’m pooped again!  Happy Monday!

So how was your weekend?

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  1. How, sounds like a good work-out! haha. We still haven't had nice enough weather he to get our first cutting. Hopefully this week, cause Chris needs a paycheck. We had thunderstorms on Saturday and it was probably about 55 degrees. I want to come stay with you for awhile. You can even put me to work, I am just dying for some nice weather. I hate having to weather a sweatshirt the end of June!

  2. Congratulations on all the bales! Might bring you a little money if you don't need it all and someone else does…

    I read just the other day that the older bananas (with the dark brown/black on the skin) are actually high in some sort of cancer fighting thingy. (Great memory, hey?)
    So I think using them for banana bread is probably a great idea!

  3. Isn't no wonder your tired lady! You were busy. Hope this week is slower paced for ya and you get some rest 🙂

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