Eureka Springs {AR} in Pictures

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Very seldom can the hubs and I just “run off” like a lot of newly married couples do, what with our hectic schedule anyway and throw in every other weekend we have his daughter with things she has to do, wants to do, etc, it seems like we’re always on the run anyway.

Sunday, other than studying, I had nothing planned and neither did he… so we hopped in the car and headed off toward Eureka Springs, AR.  It was a Beautiful drive in!  Oh my goodness.

For the first time in what seems like years, we’re having a beautiful fall, given the high high temps we had this summer! 

As we were driving in we noticed a “detour”  Now if you’ve driven down around Eureka Springs, it’s 2 lanes all the way up and down and all around swervey mountains… so we were wondering about this detour.  Well if you notice, the road just fell off the mountain, so they moved the lane over.

When we got there, we drove to the bottom of the hill, parked and went and played around the railroad station.  This building here was gorgeous, but condemned :(. 

The Eureka Springs & Northern Arkansas Railroad Company.

Plus old farm machinery there too… HOW COOL! 🙂

I loved this sign!

Where you filled up the old steam engines.

Isn’t it amazing that is what holds one car to another and this was hooked to the engine, can you imagine how many thousands of lbs that holds by dragging all the cars together.  Amazing!

Then we walked around the area for a bit before driving back up into the “hustling” part of the city.

The famous Crescent Hotel that is supposedly haunted…. whooooooooooooooooo 🙂

Then we found the Crescent Spring.  Click on the photo to make it bigger if you’d like to read the writing 🙂

Now this manikin cracked me up… the wind was blowing just right that her sleeve was waving as if it were waving you in to the shop.  Obviously a still photo won’t show that though :(.

We got in my car at one point and this was what the temp read out… Holy cow in October? 

Then we went and found the winery in town.  Keels Creek Winery & Art Gallery.  Hubs and I aren’t huge wine people, but we have a few we like and we are always willing to try :).  They had wine tastings 6 types for $5 plus you got to keep the glass.  We were like ok sure :).  Plus you get to try wines you might not try otherwise, and yes, there were a few I didn’t much care for.

Awe and this lovely thing came to great us.  I wanted to take her home!

I loved the wreath.  And at one point she opened a bottle for our tasting and we asked what they did with all the corks.  She said they make things out of them (ie) but they also give them to visitors so they gave me all the wine corks they had sitting around.  Now I’m ready to make my own wreath!

After we left the winery we headed for Beaver Dam/Beaver Lake

So not to shabby for an impromptu day, right 🙂

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  1. How fun to get away like that! And that train depot looks like a photographer's dream. I would love love taking someone's picture there!

  2. What a great trip with lots of fun photo ops. The temp tho…pretty typical in these parts. It's supposed to hit 100 today. Crazy right?

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