Have a Snickers

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So I’m going through the multiple photos I took of baby girls birthday… trying to keep myself together that I have a 1 year old! I plan on writing a post about it… and maybe, just maybe I won’t cry while writing it… but today… today let’s talk about Snickers. Yes as in the candy bars…

During Memorial Weekend this became our slogan and it just stuck…

One of the mornings I hopped out of the truck after annoying hubby by pointing out that his mirrors were going to bump into Grady’s mirrors. He grumbled at me and I told him fine leave it that way. Dan asked me how I was and I said that someone was grumpy and it wasn’t me. Dan asked if he needed a hug and I said he needed something alright.

So that is how the motto broke out. We went around asking everyone if they needed a snickers. Because you know the Snicker’s motto, you’re not yourself when you’re hungry. Dan had me text Carlene to bring Snickers to the dive site and from there we proceeded to ask everyone if they needed a snickers.

btw, he was asked to move the truck so the mirrors weren’t so interconnected… Oh and come Safari Hunt weekend we all made sure to have snickers on hand.

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