Scuba Diver Flag Toes

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A few weeks ago when we went to the lake for the Safari Hunt, the Friday before hubby signed us up for Scuba Diving classes.  So that meant that the following Tuesday night we were headed to class at Extreme Sports Scuba, the same group who put on the Safari Hunt.

While we were down at the lake I talking to Grady and D the Man about sticking my toe straight up in the air, which just so happens to be like a thumbs up.  Thumbs up means going to the surface when you’re in the water.  How cool is that?  So they both wanted me to do this to poor Deb, who got stuck teach our class :).

In the mean time, I thought it would be fun to paint my toes up like the Diver Flag, so not only would I give her a thumb toes up, it’d include the Diver’s Flag.

So Here’s how to paint your toes up to look like a Scuba Diver’s Flag also….:

First things first… if you have toenail polish on currently, get rid of that stuff!

You want to be working with a clean slate.  Plus trim your toenails if they need it.  Mine were in need.

For this I used Gogo Girl and Snow Me White by Sinful Colors and then a clear coat.

Start by painting your toenails the red color.  Get 1-2 coats on to get the thickness/darkness/brightness you’d like to see for the Red on the flag.

Let the red dry.  Next you’ll make a white diagonal across each toe.  I forgot to photograph that… woops.

Finish it off with a top coat and boom, you have the Scuba Diver’s flag on each toe!

And just to show you I might be weird, the Thumb Toes Up

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