The Saturday Post {5}

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Top 5 Posts of the Week

One Last 4th Post – Not because of anything other than I shared all of them for this year!

Dive Club on the 4th of July

The Saturday Post {4}

Sunday Night Dinner – Leftover Edition – Speaking of that, I need to get last weekends up… oy!

Celebrating the Fourth

Recipes made from the Blog this week

Cracker Barrel Hashbrown Casserole knockoff!

Instagram Lately


Weeks Happenings

++I have been fighting a stupid ear infection 🙁
++Hubby and I were being stubborn to see who would break down and vacuum out my Grandma’s Motor home.  Sadly I was more stubborn.
++Hubby had to go to a Chiropractor – a rib out of place and 2 vertebrae out of place.
++I threw out watermelon rind and Marlie decided she wanted to bring it back to me and was so proud of herself.
++I finally got Doti to come see me again… lol.  She met me for the Summer Talent table for my PEO chapter.
++Tbug stayed the night with my parents.  She’d been hinting that she’d like to again so she got to last night.

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