10 Things to Smile About March

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This morning when I walked into the kitchen I looked at the calendar hanging on the wall and questioned if it was on the right month. It was, it was still on March. Today is the last day. Then just typing that title again had me questioning if I was typing the right month. Holy cow where did the month go? Wasn’t it just the end of February? So without further ado, let’s join up with Emmy Mom for that fun monthly theme, 10 things to smile about!

10. I’m still plugging away at my 365 project… speaking of that I haven’t posted yesterday’s picture yet. Woops, oh well some days I post the next day 🙂

9. We survived our 1st sickness… it sucked but we survived and I got lots and lots of extra baby snuggles!

8. While a tragedy happened to a college friend this month, it was a reminder to hug your families tighter and it gave me a great reason to reminisce with another college roommate. I hate the reason behind it! but I loved talking to Becky. It’s been far to long. I never could get Camille on the phone.

7. Warmer days means spending time outside and baby squirrel getting to swing. Boy does she like to swing!

6. Going through old photos. I have always LOVED taking pictures, just ask my mom who I used to annoy! one week in South Dakota, film Camera – 80 photos. One week in Washing D. C., film camera – 90 photos. One week in New York City, digital camera and film camera – around 500 photos. One week in Hawaii, digital camera – 2500+ photos…… Do I have a problem?

5. Spending the day with the Missouri Governor’s Mounted Guard but more so the conversation with a 3 year old makes it even better!

4. Baby girl and Tbug getting to meet the new babies!! Baby 1, Baby 2

3. Spending the day with my dad, just him and his girls (minus my mom, she didn’t go). We went to the Buffalo Sale.

2. Attending Spring Gathering.

1. Baby girl turned 9 months old. How in the world did that happen? I guess read my comments at the top and we’ll all know. I’m soooooo glad she’s growing up but at the same time I want to curl up in the fetal position and cry because it’s going by way to fast!

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