Friday Five – I'm Cohosting with EmmyMom!!

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So this week the wonderful Emmy Mom chose me to co-host the Friday Five with her!!

Emmy Mom

If you don’t know EmmyMom you’re missing out. She has a great blog about her kiddo’s, fun crafts, and book reviews plus soooo much more!

Now, she did ask me five questions that I answered so you’ll want to jump over and check those out!

So let’s get on with today’s Friday Five:

1. I’m so enjoying Spring Break. I know the next few weeks are going to be more crazy than the first few weeks of the semester. I think I might cry now!

2. Last weekend and the first part of this week hubby and I went to Kansas City. I sure do like KC!

3. I had a prenatal massage this week. It was good but I had to lay on my side for it (as with this whole pregnancy) and I’m not a side layer. I prefer to sleep on my stomach. So now you know :). We wound up putting my left arm to sleep while he worked on my right shoulder and then when I flipped over it put my right shoulder at a weird angle so it hurt the rest of the day. Oh well. This was my 3rd massage and I can’t say I really dig them too much…

4. We started working on switching Tbug to the spare room and putting Peanut in Tbug’s old room (her idea). Right now we have 2 rooms worth of stuff in one room since we got the chance to lay new carpet in the one room finally. I think I over did it on Wednesday though because Wednesday night I hurt my lower back so much I could hardly walk.

5. Yesterday I got my hair cut. It was needed. It has been looking crummy in my opinion. It won’t cooperate and it made me sad but I refused to let her cut it too short because it has to be able to be put in a ponytail no matter what. I have crazy hair and not many people believe me. It’s curly from my ears forward, wavy from my ears back but the bottom side is pretty straight. It’s also extremely frizzy and I’ve been told since I was 16 that I have enough hair for 3 people not including myself. So when they say that taking prenatal vitamins makes it thicker… oy! But I’m wondering what happens after because most people lose that hair body but… I’ve always had it….

Okay that was a lot, so here’s the 5 pictures of the week 🙂

the KC Farmer’s Market!!

We went to see The Arabia Steamboat Museum while in KC.
This is a replica paddle wheel of the Steamboat Arabia.

I accused Tbug of licking my back window
I think she used her hand and wiped off the fog one night.


I think Peanut soooo needs this shirt, especially since grandpa and daddy have been looking to find her a horse since we told my parents we were expecting 🙂

Now it’s your turn to link up your Friday Five!!

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