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Last fall we were walking through the toy section at the Wonderful World of Wal (aka Walmart) and I saw a swing. It said 6+ months. Baby girl was right around 3 months or so so definitely not where she could use the swing and I told hubby we should get her one for Christmas. Then Christmas came and went and I totally forgot. Come January I now had a 6 month old and we were having an extremely warm winter and no swing for the baby. Dang it!

So we went to 3 different Walmarts in search of a baby swing to no avail. Dang it!

Finally I went online, found one on, paid a few dollars more for the pink one and ordered her a swing. Then February rolled around and it was cold and snowy. Dang it!

I have been waiting for WEEKS now to bring her swing out. FINALLY it was warm enough last night, 70 degrees people, 70 degrees! Woop! and so it was time to bring the swing out and let the baby girl swing for the first time.

We stopped and got dinner on the way home at Jimmy Johns so hubby took his outside to eat in the nice weather, I just grabbed my camera and knew that this was all I needed to have a fun evening outdoors! Well that and the swing and the baby! duh :).

I was so excited and she absolutely loved it! Score one for the outdoors and Spring’s a comin!!

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