10 Things to Smile About February

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve remembered to link up with EmmyMom’s 10 Things to Smile about mem… but guess what… I did it today! I tried hard to remember! And truthfully I could have linked up last Tuesday, but… there was still a week left of the month and I just had to hold off.

So in no particular order………… (drum roll please)……………..

9. National FFA week! FFA was a huge part of my growing up so it’s only awesome that there is a whole week devoted to FFA! I mean come on, it shapes a lot of young minds!

5. Because of National FFA week, I got a new pair of boots. Wait, what do those two have in common? Well, they were FFA boots and a special and I think the special was because of FFA week and yeah…

2. The iPhone got my dad. It was great. My dad is a real joker, so it’s always fun to pull one over on him from time to time and we didn’t actually have any part in it, which makes it even better!


10 Things to Smile about November

Last Tuesday of the month, first Tuesday of the month, at this point same difference right? Wow, where did November go? Seriously… time is spiraling fast out of control. At least we made it through Thanksgiving so we don’t have to hear people say… Don’t forget about the Turkey before Santa! oy!

There were a lot of good times in November to be thankful about and smile about so let’s get to it…

1. Hubby’s birthday. It’s November 1st. That’s definitely a good reason to smile right off the bat in November, right?

2. Both my girls love to ride horses. They also both rode Blonde Barbie (my mare) for the first time on hubby’s birthday. (This is Aloha in the picture, not Blonde Barbie :))


10 Things to Smile About October

Hi. So I’m a little late to this game, but that’s okay. The month of October was an extremely STRESSFUL month for me. If you remember I wouldn’t shut up about Comps. Now I’m waiting for the results. Let’s get started with 10 Things to Smile About October

10. The day of Comps (Oct 29) I had a break down. I started crying in the library. The stress got to me. So i turned on Christmas music and listened to it all day because, who can be unhappy or stressed out when Christmas music is playing? Yes, that was my thinking and it worked. I only had that one break down. We could also listen to music while we were taking comps. I had my Christmas music on reserve.

9. Month 2 of my Project 365 take 2 down! I’m pretty proud of myself too. Please don’t think I’m vein.


10 Things to Smile About September

Oh goodness, last night was a rough night. I’m pretty much dragging this morning. Baby girl went to sleep around 8:45pm last night, then woke up around 10, just as we were going to sleep and it was on. She has 3 new teeth that have sprung up over night and I don’t know if that played into it or not, but I passed out somewhere around 2am. I’m not sure if she was awake or asleep by that point or not.

I can tell you none of us wanted to get out of bed this morning, that’s for sure. Hubby gets up about 30-45 minutes before I do on Tuesday mornings, let’s just say my butt was dragging soooooo bad. My mom meets me to get squirrel girl on my way to class, I sent her a text at 8am saying we were on our way, don’t think we forgot, we were just dragging.

But let’s not focus on that… because even though I’m tired and last night sucked, I wouldn’t trade this life for the world. I love that little girl so much and I am blessed. So keeping on that blessed feeling, let’s go ahead and see what the 10 reasons were to smile about in September!

In no particular order…

5. Squirrely Girly got a month older… she’s now 15 months. Holy Cow!

7. Tbug and I went and participated in the Ride for Life. We had so much fun and she went on and on thanking anyone and everyone for letting her go.


10 Things to Smile About August

Saturday evening I was sitting at my grandma’s table playing Aggravation with my grandma, dad, husband, and Tbug, Abug was switching laps she sat on. I received a text from my mom saying that a girl that I grew up showing horses with had been killed in a head-on collision Friday night. It hit me hard. Yes, we’ve drifted off through the years but still, I grew up with her competitively showing horses against her, yet we’re still a close family!

I hated to say anything on Facebook as well as on here simply because I asked for prayers for her family. I was not trying to make this about me in any way, shape, or form. I ask for prayers for her family. They’re the ones suffering. Yes, I was heartbroken to hear the news, but it isn’t about me, it’s about healing for her family. I wanted to make that clear.

I get accused sometimes of living in my own world. Usually, it is when someone is trying to get under my skin… especially if I’m ticked off already… fight fair, what’s that? But there is a lot of heartache in the world. That’s why it is always fun to participate in Emmy Mom‘s 10 Things to Smile About Memoir. Life is difficult, so any reason to smile is a good thing. And if you can laugh, that’s even better. Plus as an added bonus you burn 5 calories every time you laugh.

So now… 10 Reasons why I smiled in the month of August.
1. I’m really thinking that this post could be summed up by Vacation!

2. Parasailing!!! (more…)

10 Things (plus 1) to smile about May

Some days I’m late to the game, this week/month/day is one of those but I wanted to smile about the Month of May so please indulge me 🙂 I’m linking up with Emmy Mom! Guess I better hurry, my baby girl is emptying my bag. :). I love this life!

1. We spent the day helping with the Missouri Governor’s Mounted Guard. It was a great learning experience for Tbug.

2. School’s out for Summer. Anyone else singing that song? I’m quite scared because I have a lot of books to read. If you’ve read these, please help me!!!


10 Things to Smile About March

This morning when I walked into the kitchen I looked at the calendar hanging on the wall and questioned if it was on the right month. It was, it was still on March. Today is the last day. Then just typing that title again had me questioning if I was typing the right month. Holy cow where did the month go? Wasn’t it just the end of February? So without further ado, let’s join up with Emmy Mom for that fun monthly theme, 10 things to smile about!

10. I’m still plugging away at my 365 project… speaking of that I haven’t posted yesterday’s picture yet. Woops, oh well some days I post the next day 🙂

9. We survived our 1st sickness… it sucked but we survived and I got lots and lots of extra baby snuggles!

8. While a tragedy happened to a college friend this month, it was a reminder to hug your families tighter and it gave me a great reason to reminisce with another college roommate. I hate the reason behind it! but I loved talking to Becky. It’s been far to long. I never could get Camille on the phone.


10 Things to Smile about February

I’m a day late and a dollar short… but that’s okay, I’m still liking up with EmmyMom on her monthly mem about 10 things to Smile about February! Because I can and why not! All the cool kids are!

1. I’m still plugging away on my 365 project. No one is really rooting me on, although when I post my daily picture on facebook/instagram I do have people who are rooting for me when they like it. Just makes me feel good and I keep plugging away! Sunday I’ll post all the pics from February but here are the pictures from January

2. We celebrated my grandma’s birthday at Red Lobster. It’s become a yearly tradition. Grandma passed away in 2007 but we still celebrate her birthday every year. My SIL had her baby that same day.

3. I finally made something to display my tickets stubs in after how many years….

4. The little things like smiling because I know it was the wind that closed the gate, but thinking it could be grandpa…

5. Valentine’s Day and seeing friends in time of need (visitations/funerals) and hanging out with other friends. Finally ending the day with my love.

6. Baby girl had her first snow day.

7. Homemade Chicken and Noodles

8. I finally got my Basset Hound!!!

9. Baby girl turned 8 months old. While that makes me sad she’s growing so fast I’m sooo happy that she’s growing!

10. Baby girl started crawling! Now please hold that thought while I go chase her! 🙂